Bitcoin largest software wallet Blockchain adds support for the ethertop

nnnRampage commentary: Since its inception in 2011, Bitchain Wallet start-up company Blockchain for the first time to integrate the currency outside the coin. Because the etherflies are concerned by the market, the company decided to support the coin service. This may indicate that the company will make more adjustments.n
nnTranslation: Annie_Xun
nBitchair Wallet start-up company Blockchain will provide users with the option to create an e-wallet software wallet that marks the first time that the company has been integrating its new encrypted currency since its inception in 2011.n
nAt the same time the company and the encrypted currency trading services ShapeShift cooperation, allowing users to transfer between the bit currency and ether coins purse funds, does not require the first transfer of funds to the center of the service.n
nBut while Blockchain executives are concerned about how to let retailers continue to experience encrypted money, they also suggest the possibility of providing other business applications.n
nCEO Peter Smith said:n
nn”We are pleased to introduce this new feature to the community and will continue to look for ways to interact with digital assets,” he said, adding that we want to manage a wide range of digital assets in our own chain chain wallet.n
nnIn addition, the company said it would also like to provide users with other Ethernet services, suggesting that the data tools will soon make adjustments. It is also mentioned that the software wallet may be open to business users.n
nThe company said the version is not for developers or companies.n
nHowever, this upgrade can continue through new financing. Recently Blockchain raised $ 40 million through Round B, including billionaire Richard Branson. Up to now, the company has raised $ 70 million in venture capital.n
nLooking at the larger layout, this is the latest move to adjust the business model to support multiple chain chains.n
nOther services have also begun to integrate with the currency, including the encrypted currency exchange Bitstamp and Falcon Private Bank, the Swiss private bank began to provide Bitcoin services after a month began to support the currency.n

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