Bitcoin market is a feat – Iran’s first bitcoin exchange was set up

Bitcoin market is a feat – Iran’s first bitcoin exchange was set up

According to the internetworldstats report, Iran has 57% of the population using the internet. Although the area has a large number of Internet users and people for the use of bitcoin transfers to overseas interest more and more shopping or online, but the area can provide convenience to the people in this way is very limited.

CoinAva online bitcoin market since 2013 has operations in Iran, Localbitcoins also entered the Iran market, P2P sales. The Persian leather company (PersianLeathershoes) is an accepted bitcoin payment company, the company already has 70 years of marketing history.

“Before the launch of the website, our international sales is limited to some special customers, they love our products, trust the quality of our products, so even if the payment process is very troublesome, they are also willing to buy our products! Of course, this is for those people who have a variety of electronic payment methods, A little can not understand. However, in the absence of bitcoin payment before the payment problem becomes the main obstacle to expand our business.”

“Because our region is very special, or most of the payment system is not willing to serve us, or they may bring huge risks to our business.”

The 1979 revolution in Iran, the United States imposed sanctions on Iran, in 1995 to further expand the scope of sanctions. Because of Iran’s refusal to suspend its uranium enrichment programme, the United Nations Security Council in 2006 adopted Resolution No. 1696 on Iran sanctions.

The United States Department of state:

“In view of Iran’s illegal nuclear program, the United States and other countries have decided to impose more sanctions on Iran, accusing Iran of endangering the safety of Iran, and to prevent further illegal nuclear test project.”

The sanctions that crippled the economy of Iran, the black economy is produced. In 2011, Iran has been a new round of sanctions, leading Iran Riyal (IRR) depreciation. The following year, the Iran government in improving the price of luxury goods at the same time, the implementation of the three levels of the exchange rate, to stabilize the cost of imported commodities.

In this case, further gave birth to the black market speculation selling the currency. According to the UANI report, in 2011 December, a dollar on the black market to sell 13350 pieces of Iran (IRR), by January 2013, only a month’s time, up to $1 in 40 thousand Iran riyal.

UANI (Iran UnitedAgainstNuclearIran anti nuclear organization) is a nonpartisan, nonprofit organization, is to “prevent Iran from achieving nuclear ambitions.” The organization also forced the company to stop doing business with Iran, that is to prevent the government of Iran’s nuclear program. UANI 2012 February successfully launched a campaign SWIFT and Iran cut off all financial relations.

International sanctions have caused foreign credit and debit card providers to stop providing services to Iran. Although Iran is home to a ATM network, but can only use local bank cards issued as the St.

According to the Iran Internet infrastructure and policy report, the Central Bank of Iran director Nasser? Ha Jimmy (NaserHakimi) said, “on the basis of the monetary and banking law in Iran in 2, bitcoin is illegal in Iran.” This is from the definition of the legal currency perspective, but so far, there is no illegal activities on the use of digital currency report.

The report also pointed out that in March last year, Iran National Network Center Authority Deputy Director of the Saeed motor? (SaeidMahdavian) stated that Iran vian will consider bitcoin regulatory issues.

Now, the first real-time bitcoin exchange BTXCapital was established in Iran, Iran people finally have the means to buy bitcoin.

“此前伊朗人购买比特币非常不方便。 Iran has about 50 million Internet users, so for bitcoin and other digital currency, Iran is an untapped market potential.”

White label bitcoin trading platform BTXCapital draglet, which provides instant deposit function for BTXCapital, real-time trading function and a fully customizable user interface.

Draglet is headquartered in Munich, it is an application services for digital currency trading platform company.

“Using the draglet white label service, can quickly enter the market, provide reliable bitcoin transaction services for the people, the people of Iran can also be in the fast and safe environment to participate in the digital currency in the world.”

CEO Ali BTXCapital Hossein (AliHosseini) said?:

The company’s goal is to provide timely and reliable service for users, but also provide a reasonable exchange rate according to the international standard. A feature of bitcoin is that its value is determined by market supply and demand, will not be affected by one or several exchanges. In our platform, users can according to their own valuation of sale and purchase To buy bitcoin, we provide a safe and stable environment for the user’s transaction process. We believe that BTXCapital will be realized in Iran bitcoin market price transparency.”

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