Bitcoin market is a feather, “hard fork” cause?

[Global Times] – global network reporter Li Sikun reported according to the number of bitcoin exchange data show that in the night fell below $4000, was rushed to low to about $3700. As of the 25 Japanese release issued before, bitcoin prices in Huobi Global for $3843, OKEx price of $3712, Bitstamp price of $3709, refresh the lowest since September 2017.

“Bitcoin suffered another hit!” “Australia” business insider website 25, issued a document called the benchmark digital encryption currency has fallen below $4000 in the morning the sudden fluctuations in drag digital currency market, making the most of digital currency there are two digit drop.

Reported that the bitcoin decline was 14%, some exchange price is close to $3700. Bitcoin is currently at its lowest level in more than a year, is the highest point down about 80%.

The article said that this is the two time this week, fell bitcoin and other encryption currency prices. As usual, it is difficult to find the crash fuse, but “business insider” pointed out that a week ago as one of the core currency bitcoin bitcoin cash branch (Bitcoin Cash), is the “hard bifurcation (i.e. bitcoin consensus mechanism changes, nodes not upgraded node verification has been upgraded to the block)”.

It is reported that this hard branch began in November 15th. With bitcoin cash two different development — a bit, Wu camp led by BCH ABC and CEO Jihan claim to be Nakamoto himself “Macao Satoshi” led by BCH SV has been fighting for dominance status.

According to reports, the two camps is frantically in the block chain blocks to establish control. This is an expensive task, two groups have been suspected of hoarding a large number of bitcoin reserves, they can sell these assets to provide financial support for their actions.           

Global Times

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