Bitcoin market value far exceeded Visa, making it unmatched

nBankruptcy commentary: In recent days, bitcoin prices continued to hit a new high, the relevant news also occupy the headlines of major news media. At the same time, the market value of Bitcoin has also expanded rapidly, currently exceeding the market value of Visa and leaving it far behind. In the future, major US financial institutions such as CBOE and CME Group will launch bitcoin futures trading in the coming week or two, which may push prices further in the coming days.n
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Recent news about the value of bitcoin continues to dominate the headlines and its prices have soared over the past few weeks. For the first time, the cryptocurrency broke the $ 10,000 mark and hit a record high of $ 15,000 in a few days. As of now, the price has more than 18,000 US dollars, is expected to continue rising in the coming days.n
More and more people want a slice of bitcoin’s surge, and as a result, the market value of the digital currency has ballooned to record highs, even exceeding Visa’s market capitalization. At the time of writing, the market value of Visa was 252.74 billion U.S. dollars, eclipsed by a market capitalization of 303 billion U.S. dollars. Compared with the same time a week ago, this figure rose nearly 73%. For Bitcoin, which many experts mock for “bubbles” and “fraud,” these numbers do not seem like bad, right?n
Charlie Bilello, director of research at Pension Partners, released the news on Twitter today:n
nBitcoin’s market value has just exceeded Visa.n
nYes, that’s Visa.n
The world’s largest electronic payment processorn
1410 transactions a year, with a total value of 8.9 trillion US dollarsn

Perhaps bitcoin’s market value puts Visa far behind it, but in terms of the number of transactions, Visa transacts over 150 million transactions daily, while Bitcoin trades less than 500,000 daily.n
Bitcoin is getting strongern
In the past few days, it has been difficult to keep track of Bitcoin’s price changes. It seems that every time you look back, Bitcoin will break another milestone to another unprecedented peak. No one can accurately predict 24 hours, a week or even a year, but most industry participants think the price rise has not stopped.n
With the increasing interest in Bitcoin in the mainstream financial sector and the desire of many investors to join, it seems that bitcoin’s event will continue. Major U.S. financial institutions, including the CBOE and the CME Group, will launch Bitcoin futures in the coming week or two, which could push prices further in the coming days.n

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