Bitcoin may be bottoming out in the next 6 months

The field of commodity investment legend Peter Brandt (Peter Brandt) recently with “money” telegraph (CoinTelegraph) sit down to discuss his views on the current bear market. Although Brandt is engaged in the traditional market for decades, there have been 5 years old, but he bitcoin (Bitcoin) praised.

When asked about the password when the market bottomed out this old problem, Brandt immediately answered this question, because he seems to be ready to express their views on such a topic. He first explained that the money market is the best choice for encryption Chartist, because the technical index actually provides a good insight into the. Because of this, Brandt explained, based on his analysis of fractal, coupled with other indicators, he called for bitcoin $2900, but he saw a variety of possible enriched solution. First, he said the price of bitcoin may not reach the number, because the $3000 is a very strong psychological level, but also the long-term accumulation level of encryption currency advocates.

In the view of the American traders, another situation is that if the BTC fell above $2900 in sufficient seller pressure, then the assets could fall to $1200 in the medium term. However, the Factor Trading executives pointed out that due to 2014/2015 encryption possible boundaries between monetary downturn with today’s downturn, the market is likely to enter the surrender and despair of the last time, bitcoin fell to $2900 or $1200. In the epilogue, he to this emerging asset (widely known as digital gold) support has been shaken, said 8% of its net assets invested in bitcoin, then said bitcoin may be in the next 6 months out, even dropped to around 3000.

Translation: Kunming plus

Source: ethereumworldnews

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