Bitcoin mine closures, dug a bitcoin also fell 13114 yuan?

When around gradually dull, rational quietly lost light, hope to extinguish the fire flickering, I wander in solitude at a loss. Byron “Aogusita poem”

Mine owners Wang recently always awake at night.

As a mine has about 5000 miners, his hand on the 1000 Wright L3+ has already shut down, the rest of the ant mill barely S9i.

Him in an interview with an account: the common machine one hour power consumption of 1400W, down to consume 33.6 kwh of electricity a day.

When the ant mill S9i cost price is 3350 yuan, the cost of electricity per day is 20 yuan, bitcoin income of about 22 yuan.

“Every day can earn 2-3 yuan, he reluctantly smiled,” according to the calculation of the income, it takes 230 days to return to this.”

But now this market, which also have 230 days? Can not earn, earn only accept.”

Once, in addition to the investment of foreign currency is mining digital currency circle can not lose business.

Machine through the consumption of computing and power resources to compete for the right to charge, to create a “consensus based trust value” for the chain block.

Due to the strong association of mining price earnings and digital currency, also let the machine industry in this market more sad.

With bitcoin cash (BCH) caused by stress bifurcation of the dispute, bitcoin prices have fallen below $5000 support.

In less than a year’s time, the price of bitcoin compared to 2017 years 12 months close to 20000 high of $has fallen by nearly 77%.

This time, no one would dare to say what time the end of the bear market.

Is closely related with the price of bitcoin miners income also is not optimistic.

According to the data show that in a year’s time, the miners return from last December to January of this year climbed to the highest point after the way down.

At present, almost to the lowest income miners.

This also with bitcoin prices almost similar.

Mining costs include power costs, equipment costs and other expenses including cooling facilities, maintenance.

A bitcoin mining cost is about $8038.

In fact, the $8038 includes sunk costs, namely equipment procurement, venue rental, line layout and so on.

According to the survey chain tower think tank, the average cost of electricity is dug up a bitcoin is $7295.

But also very different between countries Chinese electricity gap, the current power industry average price of about 0.4 yuan / kwh.

According to the official website, the ant mining machine S9i a bit years back to this price of 3000 yuan, the average daily electricity costs 12.96 yuan for the calculation, in the premise is not growth, equipment and electricity costs about 7730.4 yuan a year.

The ant miner daily revenue of about 0.0005 bitcoins, equivalent to approximately RMB 15.95 yuan, an annual income of 0.1825 of a bitcoin.

Therefore, in the calculation of management fees, currency price increase and depreciation of equipment condition, dug a bitcoin costs about 42358 yuan, or about $6097.

Although lower than the forecast of $8038, but still higher than the $4211 price of bitcoin.

In addition to the miners dismal earnings, once hot mines are only bleak out.

The top US mine Giga Watt filed for bankruptcy protection to the eastern Washington federal court according to the “American bankruptcy law” the Eleventh chapter.

The statement shows that the assets of less than $50 thousand, while the largest creditor owes nearly $70 million.

In fact, Giga Watt filed for bankruptcy is tracked.

Due to poor management, the company’s staff has 63 people from the previous dropped to 16.

Then in October, the media have exposed the book there have been millions of dollars in debt.

According to Tencent first news, in the continuous decline in the price of bitcoin has multiple machine cost breakdown.

Industry giants to operating costs to a minimum, always looking for the lowest cost of electricity and the daily cost of the local.

According to informed sources, the network crazy video by catty sale machine is large and its replacement of mine.

According to the statistical data of Elite Fixtures, Venezuela, Trinidad and the Republic of Tobago and other places to provide the cheapest electricity for miners.

Many of the mines have chosen to migrate abroad.

Thin dead camel than ma.

Industry giants not only have low tariff advantages, more the amount of the guarantee, in the case of small mines more bleak.

Many small and medium sized mines in order to find cheaper places around which its migration, loss and huge costs of maintenance has overwhelmed them, still can not escape the fate of forced shutdown.

Many Chinese mine manufacturers have sensed the danger in the air before the arrival in the bear market.

They have a higher valuation in order to raise more money, have chosen the road listed in Hong kong.

According to the bit, the prospectus shows that in the first half of 2018 to 6 30, the high income of US $28.45, the profit of 7.42 billion dollars.

However, as a single business, vehicle manufacturers over 90% of the revenue comes from its sales, although the valuation of good, but no news.

A single profit model, dependent on fluctuations of the crypto currency industry is the largest manufacturer of these mills short board.

Although referred to the related research and development of AI, but are very concise with a pen.

In addition, three weeks ago, Hongkong Securities Regulatory Commission also issued new rules for encryption currency regulation.

The rules of all investment fund is headquartered in Hongkong, as long as the total portfolio of more than 10% of the “virtual property”, whether it is direct purchase, or through distributors, must be registered and licensed to the commission.

This is the “taking into consideration the results of virtual assets of major risk investors after that.

For the Hong Kong listed mining machine manufacturers, “a virtual asset investment also belongs to profit.

Among them, the prospectus shows in the book, bit encryption currency accounted for 28% of their total assets totaling $89 million.

Although the sharp decline in the value of assets but encryption, encrypted currency to total assets ratio did not differ too much (2017 30%).

A single currency and the number of tokens for encryption, encryption, bit of money holdings are substantial growth.

According to sources, expressed concern about the Hongkong stock exchange and the SFC business prospects of these companies:

This year, bitcoin prices fell so much, there are many uncertain factors in their business. If we cannot predict their financial situation, how can we sell their IPO?

Chia Nan Yun Chi exchange application in Hong Kong has a “failure”, IPO plans have been unable to achieve;

Tianhe International into the silver bean net P2P fraud in the program recently, HKEx has stopped IPO;

Bit, still under the HKEx and SFC hearing.

Who are not in the storm.

In addition to mine in Inner Mongolia and Sichuan, China, bit, also plans to place the development of mines to cheap energy hydropower United States of Tennessee, Dezhou and Canada in Quebec province.

The cost is low, it means that the benefits of higher mining.

For ordinary miners, undoubtedly deprive them of their capital to participate in the competition.

The end of the coin ring bear remains elusive, mine circle may imply that the dismal exit bubble about to burst.

The key is still the application block chain.

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