Bitcoin mining difficulty again into the growth cycle

Bitcoin mining difficulty again into the growth cycle

In September 4, 2015, bitcoin network difficulty adjustment again, growth of 4.98%, achieved 5 consecutive growth in 2015 is still the first time.

Moreover, according to the calculated stress and current estimates, the next adjustment will likely grow again 7.14%. Because of the resources has reached a staggering 420P, after 7% growth means that half a month, the whole network is the growth of about 30P.

From the stress distribution, the new is mainly from abroad KNCMiner and Bitfury mill. Bitfury operator has reached 16%, and the recently announced 16nm bitcoin mining machine chip to chip. KnCMiner was announced on June 16nm bitcoin mining machine chip program, but until recently considered only from about 5% to 8% growth.

Taking into account the 28 nm low power machine longkuang 14 nm mill and bit, probably in the end of the month began to deploy, predictably, a new round of war will be fierce mining.
Based on past experience, mining war, as long as one step behind, will face the risk of a comprehensive exit. Roast cat lost contact, Avalon and Richard technology is no longer available further plans, seems ready to exit. Bitfury, KnCMiner, longkuang and bit, eventually, the end will be the winner?

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