Bitcoin mining machine according to the avalanche, scrap metal prices on the pounds sold, netizens said the next outlet is recycling

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Bitcoin and other virtual currencies, was recently ushered in the fall cliff style.

In this week, bitcoin is way down trend. According to Bitstamp data, trading platform from from November 13th to 15th, bitcoin price from $6261 to $5596 a road. 11 month 20 evening and at this time, bitcoin in just a few hours after fall, hit a low price currency months since 13.

According to the chain of more information, yesterday evening, bitcoin platform Coinbase than the trading price of about 10 minutes from about $4300 to $4050, the transaction price fell to $4048.6 for the Bitstamp platform.

Bitcoin plummeted, resulting in a large number of bitcoin game player assets loss. At the same time, bitcoin crash also brought related industries “avalanche”.

Other virtual currencies also ushered in a crash. The etheric Gerbaud coins, coins and other virtual currency from 11 month 19 day to 20 day, were also a decline. In the past week, about $40 billion in market value of virtual currency.

Bitcoin mining and related mining equipment, a large number of game player is being sold. The currency fell, mining income reduced, ore prices fell, and by a large number of clearance. Mine clearing mill mountain, even according to the price of the sale of scrap metal. The netizen joked: a business outlet will be recycling.

5 days ago, the Hong Kong stock exchange information display, Jia Nan Yun Chi machine manufacturers IPO application failure. This is the 2013 company set up a third for market failure. In the 2017 year bitcoin market fiery, Chia Nan Yun Chi production of a high mill Avalon fired up to 2 million. According to the company reported a net profit of 2017 Jia Nan Yun Chi reached 3 billion yuan. This year 5 month, Chia Nan Yun Chi to the Hong Kong Stock Exchange listing, then the progress of the listing has been stalled.

In September this year, the world’s largest mining company, the bit to the Hong Kong Stock Exchange listing. According to its published financial data, the first quarter of 2018, revenues of nearly $1 billion 900 million, of which 97% are its sales revenue, the first quarter of the total assets of $1 billion 240 million in stock. According to reports, the “financial”, bit S9 machine prices have plunged 90% in 2018 this year, in Q2, S9, bit only machine inventory on the loss of 750 million dollars.

In November 20th, a company called hashrate investment platform, ant mining machine S9 contract since November 7th to November 16th this year has been ten consecutive days to pay management fees, electricity, according to the “hashrate cast stress service agreement”, if ten consecutive days of contract revenue is not enough to pay management fees, electricity, power is automatically contract stop.

GPU card giant NVIDIA shares also fell sharply in recent days. This Monday, NVIDIA shares fell 12%, closing price of 144.7 U.S. dollars, the market value of the evaporation of about $11 billion 800 million. According to NVIDIA Q3 earnings, due to the backlog of NVIDIA graphics cards, revenue and net profit for the quarter did not meet market expectations.

In the field of bitcoin “avalanche”, a large number of investors and the big game player has to leave early.

Fire currency network announced in early November, in order to protect users and property safety, the suspension of CDC (consumer chain) in all transactions and recharge service fire coins. CDC co-founder Yang Ning said in an interview, he was the first coin ring “harvesting” investors.

After the national supervision of the “94 ban”, Xue Manzi chose the same as other coin circle chiefs, and went overseas. He called himself “a positive response to the national call the vast majority of the company’s investment return money”.

“Bitcoin’s richest man” Li Xiaolai in the year 9 announced the end of the month back, no longer any investment project.

In October 31st this year, the ever popular coin ring block chain from the media “blockchain three o’clock the sleepless, quietly renamed” drilling material net “, its name push first update the article, is a romantic literary entertainment network.

However, being involved in the game of the ordinary speculators and miners, still naked currency price plummeted in the rain “”.

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