Bitcoin mining machine breakdown flash crash cost price sold by catty!

[news] mobile phone Chinese Beijing time 4:30 on November 21st, Coinbase platform bitcoin price below $4100, hit a 13 month low. But at the end of 2017, bitcoin prices topped $20 thousand. Bitcoin in less than a year, has been in the “fall” mode, or up to 80%! In the last week, bitcoin 11 from June 14 12 6417 $4000 dollars, fell to the current head, a week of decline as high as 30%!


Bitcoin mining machine sale (pictures from the network)

The mine is destroyed mine, some small and medium-sized mines but mine resale liquidation. The abandoned Mill Hill general heap in the yard, even being in accordance with the price of catty to sell scrap metal. In the social network, bitcoin forum platform, suffered a huge loss of speculators is a “Starving people fill the land”. A senior game player said its currency circle has been a loss of assets of more than 85%, “declared bankruptcy”.

Bitcoin prices (pictures from the network)

Bitcoin flash crash has caused a series of chain reaction, ether, reboxetine currency and other currencies currency have plummeted, the crypto currency market value of only $150 billion, and $850 billion from $700 billion in wealth, phagocytosis. With the decline of refinery demand, greatly reduce the graphics card manufacturer, NVIDIA (NVIDIA)’s share price began to fall, the market value has evaporated 230 billion dollars, the accumulation of inventory may cause graphics market price war to come.

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