Bitcoin mining machine by catty sale! Bitcoin as miserable than money”

We first look at a string of numbers, one day, down 12%; January, fell 42%; within a year, fell 77%, the market value of the evaporation of 1 trillion and 600 billion yuan!

This is bitcoin!

At the end of 2017, bitcoin is still high of $20 thousand in 2009, overlooking the world, $1 will be able to exchange 1309 coins. What in front of tulip bubble, bitcoin is all rubbish.

However, up to now, the coin circle seems to have become miserable than congress”:

“I have a coin circle of friends, and I talk to buy the ring last year (Beijing) real estate which. Today when we met for dinner, he said to me: Hello, this is your takeaway.”

2011 years 12 months 21 days, the “small bamboo” in the know and asked: “Junior have 6000 yuan, what good financial investment advice?”

Babbitt, founder of long swords replies: “buy bitcoin, save the wallet files, and forget about it, five years later to see.”

There is no surprise, “small bamboo” did not buy bitcoin, nor do the investment, but a trip to Hangzhou to play out.

It was calculated that the “small bamboo” did, can buy about more than 800 bitcoins. The calculation of $19 thousand by the end of 2017, the value of 100 million yuan. Even if the crash is around $4000, equivalent to about 20000000 yuan.

The answer is the long sword, by creating a block chain project than the original chain (BTM) project, the market value of 7 billion 600 million.

With the collapse of the digital currency, let “Mills by catty sale” On the hot search.

What is bitcoin mining machine

The first to talk about mining, many users actually do not know bitcoin mining is mainly carried out by what way, so if the user wants to dig, we need to have a bitcoin mining machine, then bitcoin mining machine is what?

Bitcoin mining machine is used to be one-sided user equipment bitcoin mining, bitcoin mining machine can be an ordinary computer, can also be a major bitcoin mining machine, the current market is concerned, the ordinary computer is almost impossible to dig bitcoin.

The main cost in mining is mining cost and electricity etc.. The use of bitcoin mining machine to dig bitcoin, can buy and sell transactions, to earn income for themselves, but because the bitcoin market is not very stable, there may eventually change radically, it will make a profit, is not for the.

Bitcoin mining machine by catty sale

Recently, many people began to sale their bitcoin mining machine, mainly the sale or the third generation machine, because the third generation machine is a special machine bitcoin, and can only be used for bitcoin mining. As for the first two generation machine is a computer machine based on your computer after all for sale.

Bitcoin is currently in a state of collapse, has gone from $20 thousand before the myth of the price fell to around $4000, because bitcoin plummeted, many miners in a state of loss in mining, which had to sale their mining machine.

We use the cost price of bitcoin three generation special machine in 2-3 yuan each, and the daily power consumption is high, so to dig a bitcoin cost price is higher, it was estimated that the price of 0.4 yuan per kWh, 17 kinds of digital currency hit “off price”. Then bitcoin plummeted, aside mining cost, there have been losses, and not necessarily to dig. So many small and medium-sized mines had to be sold.

After the accident, many abandoned mine are in accordance with the scrap price on the pounds sold to recover some of their costs, so as not to lose everything.

Digital currency is currency trading strictly in our country, kangbors carefully remind investors, making the rich mythology has been in the past, gain profit in risk is not desirable. At this stage, whether investment or direct digital currency speculation mining machine, have to think twice, as far as possible.

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