Bitcoin mining machine sold as scrap! 800 thousand miners have been closed mills

Set micro network news, really this time, he also temporarily! Last year the Thanksgiving holiday bitcoin craze eruption, price was finished nearly 20 thousand dollars, a year after the Thanksgiving holiday, bitcoin bubble collapse, within a week the price plunged 35%, was sold as scrap metal mining machine.

Bitcoin led currency fell again this week encryption.

According to a number of platforms, today morning bitcoin fell short, a decline of up to 14% approaching $3800 mark (part of the exchange price of $3700), refresh the lowest since September 2017, fell from a high point of about 80%.

CNBC, Coindesk reports, bitcoin since mid November, such as cliff diving like the rush. Coindesk data show that in 25, bitcoin fell 10%, to $3447.58, was the lowest since September 2017.

Over the past seven days, bitcoin prices plummeted 35%, the highest since April 2013, the single week decline.

The world’s third largest mining pool F2pool estimates, since the 11 month bitcoin crash, there may be 60~80 million miners off mining machine, stop mining. data show that bitcoin is force from November 10th 47 million Tera hashes per second (TH/s), November 24th TH/s to 41 million, greatly reduced 13%.

F2pool pool contributed 11.4% bitcoin hashrate, founder Mao Shihang said that in recent weeks the F2pool stress reduced 10%. He said, it is difficult to accurately calculate the number of F2pool miners pulled a mining machine plug; found with frequent large mines over the past tens of thousands of miners stop talking for a few days.

The 20 day of Mao in his micro-blog forward posts, said in Chinese mining machine as scrap metal sold by the catty. Mao Shihang explained that he half jokingly issued posts, these mills are the old models, to be eliminated out of service, it can only be sold on the pounds.

However, for bitcoin late prices, Oanda Corp Asia Pacific head of trading Stephen Innes that has not yet bottomed out. Innes by phone to Bloomberg said that his basic prediction is the short term, bitcoin prices will fluctuate between $3500 to $6500 over the next year January may fall to $2500.

Bloomberg quoted eToro analyst Mati Greenspan said, the market value of the largest digital currency bitcoin fell $5000 support, a support or $3500. But some analysts predict that bitcoin fell to $1500, than the current level fell more than 70%.

From the current bitcoin fell in the form of view, maybe it will be dropped to $1500! Bitcoin mining machine can really only be sold as scrap! (check / kapok)

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