Bitcoin more than $150 for travel website CheapAir revenue

Bitcoin more than $150 for travel website CheapAir revenue

Newsbtc7 Sept. 18 travel website bitcoin sales income of more than $1 million 500 thousand. In fact, to accept bitcoin payments have been more than 8 months. was originally scheduled to air tickets only to accept bitcoin payments, but announced in February this year, the company’s hotel reservation service will also accept bitcoin payments. This includes the $1 million 500 thousand ticket bitcoin scheduled, including the hotel service bitcoin reservation. This shows the tourism website to accept bitcoin payment is very popular.


Headquartered in San Francisco, Coinbase is the site bitcoin transaction processing. is not the only one to accept bitcoin payments to the tourist site, another major tourist site recently Hotel Anunciada reservation service to accept bitcoin payments. Then they added: “digital currency sales have exceeded their expectations.”

To celebrate this milepost, launched a variety of sweepstakes, one lucky winner will get a personal trip to London, including pay hotel and airline tickets. The award is a free allocation in September 2014 15-16 bitcoin (Inside Bitcoin Conference) internal meeting free tickets.

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