Bitcoin of the building to collapse? The price fell below $4300, this year has dropped by 65%

Following yesterday fell after November 20th, bitcoin prices continue to fall. According to the BitStamp encryption currency exchange offer, bitcoin prices are below $4300, the latest price of $4240, single day decline of 10.5%; CoinMarketCap exchange offer of $4394.6, down 17%. As of April 20 11, bitcoin has fallen for 8 days, the highest since the 2017 year 10 month low. In the past 7 days, bitcoin fell more than 22% years, fell more than 65%. The global price fluctuations leading encryption currency bitcoin, also affect the stability of other encryption currency, the currency fell dragged down other encryption: according to CoinmarketCap, in the past 24 hours, known for its stability reboxetine currency now offer 0.434489 dollars, down 11.18%, Ethernet coins at $131.55, down 17.15%.

Analysts believe that there are two main reasons for the global digital currency plummeted across the:

One is the bitcoin cash (BTC) hard bifurcation. In November 15th, BitcoinABC Bitcoin and SV two camps start branching program, both sides give tit for tat, the stock market has brought about. Because after the completion of bifurcation must rely on the operator to determine the winner, so the two sides of the “force war” has a certain extent overdraft market patience and resources. The stage of stress fluctuations, making bitcoin holders worried about bitcoin could suffer fluctuations, hedge selling sentiment intensified.

TokenInsight statistics for 36 hours after the bifurcation in a total amount of waste: ABC ABC number equivalent to BTC camp dug about 133.71, directly to dig through the corresponding BTC computing power, can cut 321.28 pieces, waste is force equivalent to BTC187.57; SV SV BTC at number camp dug about 71.88 pieces, digging through direct BTC the corresponding work force, can be dug 211.28, waste is equivalent to BTC139.4, the two sides waste is amounting to a total of BTC326.97.

The suspect with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) to take action on. In November 19th, the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission announced the first civil penalties for violation of the provisions of the founder of encryption. The two statement issued by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission shows that two ICO token is regarded as unregistered securities, and the number of assets is the securities of a statement.

Although both the ICO project for a settlement with the United States SEC, agreed to fill the securities register and pay the fines, while the return of funds to investors, submit regular reports to the SEC, if investors filed a lawsuit, they must also make compensation. But the United States is typical case law, for the first time since the decision will affect the direction and scale of penalty cases, the verdict was clear, affecting investor confidence for encryption currency.

Washington law firm Stepehn Palley believes that the relevant test involved may apply to 95% in the past two years, the judgment of the ICO project. The blockchain risk investment fund Castle Island Ventures Nic Carter is full of ICO project: it is recommended to stop mouthing sales or refund to investors listed token.

“Even if the ICO issue was identified and issued in the past illegal unregistered digital asset securities, there are ways to comply with federal securities laws and correct”. A positive view of the professionals, the United States involving encryption currency field lawyer Jake Chervinsky believes that as the case, to solve the problem by way of registration and refund, only civil penalties, but do not be fined for fraud”. This is the general behavior of the Securities Law (criminal sanction) a lot of light.

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