Bitcoin open space program, bitcoin is satellite into space

Bitcoin open space program, bitcoin is satellite into space

The core bitcoin developer Jeff Garzik recently announced a joint project of a satellite broadcasting bitcoin blockchain, the space program is called a Garzik and the depth of the space industry companies, the two sides plan to set up a “BitSats” bitcoin satellite as part of a bitcoin track system.

This non-profit business plan will bitcoin network backup a space node, to prevent land bitcoin network collapse. Garzik explained: “we want to keep the bitcoin health, so we need to find some alternative data block distribution chain.”

This idea will be built on a side diameter of 10 cm in size of CubeSat satellite, the satellite will be equipped with a small bitcoin large load tools into earth orbit.

Then these bitcoin satellites can track from the broadcast node, and by solving the blocks to provide transaction information, another identity Garzik is a senior software developer at BitPay, he believed that space can bitcoin service.

The plan will bitcoin satellite into space that sounds very bold, but it is not a joke. Garzik in December last year, told the Coindesk the plan, the project was estimated to cost $2 million, this figure looks very low.

In order to provide funds to raise funds for this project, Garzik and his collaborators are by way of contribution, there is a Google group is discussing the bitcoin satellite project at present, and there were contributions to the project.

It seems fanatic bitcoin is also confirmed: space enthusiasts Richard Branson day before, there are six passengers to pay the Milky Way future flight tickets virgin rail through bitcoin.

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