Bitcoin payment become Apple’s main competitors

Bitcoin payment become Apple’s main competitors

In the past year, “Apple payment” (ApplePay) is regarded as one of the most revolutionary form of mobile payment. Despite extensive marketing and publicity, there are tens of thousands of businesses choose the payment instruments all over the world, there are still many problems in this platform. In fact, most users are not sure the apple to pay (ApplePay) is not a good choice, after all, mobile phone battery will make the payment is invalid.

Although the apple to pay (ApplePay) to prove that he is a good mobile payment tool, but to achieve this goal is a long way to go. The field of mobile payments competition, “Apple payment” (ApplePay), “Android payment” (AndroidPay) and Samsung (SamsungPay) pay only a small portion of the industry composition. Now, consumers love the mobile payment as a means of payment for non cash transactions, and the apple to pay (ApplePay) came into being.

For small companies, “Apple payment” (ApplePay) may be a good choice, it depends on their customers. Especially the younger generation seems to love using the apple to pay (ApplePay). Also, if you use the payment platform customers more than one half of the total number of store customers, it shows that this hardware is worth the investment. In addition, many enterprises have announced the further development of “apple” payment system (ApplePay).

In addition, every month there are many card issuers and Bank financed “Apple payment” (ApplePay). Since its release, there have been more than 400 financial institutions and the apple to pay (ApplePay) to establish a cooperative relationship. The apple to pay (ApplePay) have a very good beginning, since the development seems to have entered the right track, but there are still many obstacles and problems.

Despite a good start, “Apple payment” (ApplePay) the use rate is on the decline. Even the use of “Apple pay day” (ApplePay) the number of users now use this tool to pay less and less. In fact, many users said they seldom consider the use of this method. Now, although the situation is not very serious, but it’s not a good sign.

Many big brands still insist on using the apple to pay (ApplePay). The most well-known brands are developing or have developed their mobile payment system, and not keen to participate in the competition. When the consumer must remember what payment under what circumstances, they usually choose to use traditional cash or credit card payment. Into the European market is a very difficult matter.

Finally, the important point is that the apple to pay (ApplePay) users at the time of payment but also consider their mobile device power. Most consumers need a mobile device charging electricity at least one day, which makes this payment is not so convenient to use. Although the apple to pay (ApplePay) is not the only one facing the problem of mobile payment, but this is a problem need to be solved sooner or later.

The mobile payment industry has many weaknesses and shortcomings, especially considering the problem of battery equipment. Bitcoin can also be used for mobile payment, but it should also consider the use of battery storage capacity. However, the apple to pay (ApplePay) and bitcoin payment there is a major difference is that the latter does not require additional infrastructure investment can be used.

The development trend of mobile payment system will be very interesting to see in the next few years, but bitcoin payment will play an important role is also worth looking forward to. The apple to pay (ApplePay) to seize the world market, and can be used as a global bitcoin virtual currency without borders. One thing is for sure, the apple to pay (ApplePay) to face the fierce competition, not only to compete with similar payment, virtual currency also faces the threat of.

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