Bitcoin payment to promote the film market heat consumption

Bitcoin payment to promote the film market heat consumption

对于MovieTickets首席执行官乔尔·科恩(Joel Cohen)来说,扩展其公司业务的付款方式,一直是这家在线电影票务公司近期发展的重 Priority.

Since 2000, MovieTickets has become one of the largest online movie ticketing website, according to statistics have been a chain of 240 theaters in support of this website booking business.

MovieTickets mainly through the service fee profit, the main mode of payment is acceptable including major credit cards allow theater partners.

However, consumers are starting to require payment to use more alternative methods, such as Visa Checkout and MasterPass. In view of this, MovieTickets is actively expanding its support Pay the way, including the open circuit response (pictures of American independent film distributors) requirements, increase the bitcoin payment options.

According to Cohen said, although the idea is not to accept digital currency is the preferred option, but the move eventually for its brand to bring a new exposure. Overall, Now allow the audience in the United States more than 900 cinemas to buy movie tickets, the use of bitcoin as of the date, the company has produced hundreds of pen bitcoin transactions.

Cohen told CoinDesk:

For users who showed a very positive attitude, let me feel very surprised, we really see the use of bitcoin payment the audience into the theater.”

MovieTickets may have recently begun to accept bitcoin payments most mainstream businesses, however, the technology as a tool of e-commerce, users less than businesses are expected, now The merchants enthusiasm began to lose some.

Cohen then suggested that, although the situation is not optimistic, but accept bitcoin plans for MovieTickets, is still a success, he believes that the show is a company Follow the trend innovate brand Company.

Science barriers

Cohen said, did not see at present accept bitcoin has increased the number of theaters, but he pointed out that the company has been the introduction of new cinema chain.

Cohen explained:

“We met with a challenge, a digital currency, we need to train more than 200 theater chain. They trust us, but there are a lot of people are not familiar to the bitcoin, so we Take the time to explain what is the money.” Cohen said, this is very necessary, because the association between digital money and illegal activities. “But the public bitcoin understanding of the past is not positive,” he added.

use case

Cohen said about the bitcoin case, the most interesting is that the online payment may promote sales. “We have been looking for ways to promote the sales of tickets, which is an effective way of booking, and success,” said Cohen. Cohen believes that as consumers adopt bitcoin technology is still in the early stages, the use of bitcoin is limited. However, he suggested that with the passage of time, bitcoin may can grow into a more general way of payment.

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