Bitcoin pension fund suppliers increase the Swiss currency

nnnPostcoinIRA, which creates a retirement fund in encrypted currency, has increased the XRP tokens from Raleigh and is bullish on the huge potential and value of such tokens. In the future, more encryption currencies will be added, such as Leight and other currencies Fork BCC and ether coin bifurcation ETC. And all processes comply with IRS regulations.n
nnTranslation: Annie_Xun
nBitcoinIRA, which allows users to create retirement funds in encrypted currencies, adds new options to their portfolios.n
nFirst, we added Raven’s XRP tokens, and we plan to add other encrypted currencies in the next few weeks, such as Leight, ETC and BCC.n
nBitcoinIRA has already begun to support Bitcoin and Pacific Dollar pension accounts.n
nThe company is fully compliant with the IRS (Internal Revenue Service) regulations, regulates the exchange of French-denominated pension funds and encrypted currencies, providing offline “cold” storage for investment funds.n
nBitcoinIRA said XRP is “the best payment for digital assets”, “one of the largest market value of digital assets.”n
nBitcoinIRA chief operating officer Chris Kline said the customer’s demand for money has been “very big”.n

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