Bitcoin platform to traditional financial platform transformation has been criticized

Bitcoin platform to traditional financial platform transformation has been criticized

Boston is located in the bitcoin start-up company Circle, and the user has been controversial in the use of bank account verification and payment. Circle users revealed that circle company has frozen he paid several days of validation, even ban the use of his bank account.

Circle announced on the official website said: “we pay and payment are timely and free”. But the irony is that the company can make the payment process is very complex, to the center of the principle to create a payment and breach of bitcoin.

Circle prohibits the use of the Circle account engaged in “illegal” buy things. The company has begun to prohibit the use of bank accounts, and frozen for those who need extra payment verification.

A user email Stacia, said the bank has banned bitcoin purchase, so limit user access to Circle.

Then Stacia found Stacia found Circle company prohibit using bank accounts and credit cards and limit users to buy bitcoin.

Stacia said: “it is obvious that Circle actually banned the use of the user’s bank account and credit card, but the bank is prohibited to tell the user that. I think the key lies in the Circle company, the company can be made by credit card function that instant wallet? Now let me say these are very embarrassed.”

Circle, the congregation raised more than $50 million, the main mode of cooperation is Goldman Sachs (GoldmanSachs) and IDG Chinese investment partners. Allow users to use bitcoin wallet stored $bitcoin transactions. However, recently

Show Circle trend, the company is the transition to a more traditional financial platform, which makes Circle looks more like a bank than bitcoin trading platform.

In recent months, in the Circle trading platform trading time from the “real time” to day even the transformation may be extended to a few months,

Bitcoin trading platform, many users began to leave Circle, turn to other bitcoin platform

One user commented:

“I registered an account, and try to add our bank accounts including credit card, and then put money into the system.

But Circle need to review more materials, including license information. But that I still did not feel too much interference, because this

It is itself a hoax. But Circle said they needed more time to review this information, I think this is the problem. Then they will close my account in the audit information.”

From the 14 year after the Circle financing, with more than more than 10 complaints of exposure in the Reddit, most users complained: “I bound debit card recharge, suddenly canceled. Then a few days later to bind bank account transactions are still unable to trade. Then I contacted circle, said they have cancelled the promotion of gold.”

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