Bitcoin plummeted down beings, all adhere only to wait for the next bull market arrival

Mine sale

11 15 August 11 to 25 August, bitcoin has crash plunged, Liao Xiang posted a bitcoin mining authority coin price chart in the circle of friends, “money city ruthless, the world is love, cash machine shutdown, 10 yuan a catty, this time claiming that” last fall “bitcoin believers quipped.

In November 25th, BTC fell to the lowest 3735.78 dollars, and finally hit the S9 mill shutdown this means that the price of money, the widely used bitcoin mining machine will no profit. Mine circle depression to some earlier than expected.

According to the third data mining pool, since mid November, due to the network price and the hash value decreased 600000 to 800000 bitcoin miners have been closed.

The bear market continues, is expected to this year’s winter is colder. The people want to come out, people want to go outside, but shilly-shally, undecided. You know, there is no risk investment, even in a bull market may not be able to make a lie.

LUBANSO give you some investment advice, hope that we can withstand the bear:

1, do not copy. Now the master is caught. Learn to value, do not chase sell. Some new leek, rose when will buy, or when not wait to sell. I don’t know if you heard the saying: the bull market to make money, earn money market. That is to say, the bull market is to buy currency earned a lot of money, money earned is the bear market to buy a lot of encrypted digital currency.

2, don’t touch. The quilt, can’t touch up, will only make you a deeper, more set of positions. The veteran is often not full warehouse, semi warehouse, back into the attack and defend, can increase the number of currency rose fell, can increase the number of encryption currency. Only in this way, either bull or bear market, can deal with random, not too serious loss.

3, mind. Either continue to hold the coin, or quit a make your own ideas, can not go back. In short, in low buying, survives currency talent is the winner. You have to use it to deposit money. Large digital asset storage LUBANSO proposal will not be traded on the hardware purse, in order to ensure safety. I hope more people can learn to use LUBANSO hardware purse, adhere to the long-term value of the safety investment.

Finally, please coin circle friends remember a word: investment risks, the market need to be cautious. Often in the river walk, which have not wet shoes.

Author: LUBANSO, welcome to exchange knowledge chain blocks.

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