Bitcoin plummeted, end users should pay attention to the purchase card

In recent years, for the PC game player purchase computer accessories the biggest boom too virtual currency, especially mining essential tools in graphics, the most popular mining period, the card price rose 30% or more than 50%, for the PC game player meant to bring negative effects to pay mining.

Recently, bitcoin suddenly plunged below $5000 mark, 2017 years 10 months for the first time, but it also has continued to fall, the price of computer graphics may therefore fall even lower prices. At the same time, bitcoin plummeted under the condition of not excluding some miners to sell mine, resulting in its battered card into the secondary market, even by some person after treatment as a new selling.

If there is a recent computer assembly needs some small game player, suggestion.

First of all, please buy in the formal purchase of official channels, beware of third-party sellers; secondly, try not to buy buy the products, try to choose a new model, the latest graphics series currently NVIDIA’s RTX AMD series, the latest graphics for the RX590; finally, the purchase card do not lower than the market price. The purchase price is not cheap, do not be deceived.

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