Bitcoin plummeted “faith powder” OK?

In November 25th, bitcoin prices ushered in the fall, fell below $4000 mark.

As of November 26th, the “international finance” reporter, according to Coindesk data, bitcoin $3972.52. From the November 20th average price of about $6300 to now the average price of $3900, a decrease of approximately 38%, is since September 2017 lows.

Currency price fell in addition to the two level of market investors are in a panic, most of the injured miners. Previously, F2Pool mining pool (ponds) issued a shutdown currency price chart in the mine circle widespread.

The so-called off currency price, refers to the miners with mill gains mining is not enough to pay the money mining consumption of electricity price, can also be understood as a kind of mining cost out of money.

This diagram shows that the currency price breakdown of the cost of multiple ore mining. According to fish estimates, based on national comprehensive electricity (electricity + network and manpower cost) 0.4 yuan, the current difficulty based on the mainstream mills are facing shutdown risk.

Insiders now positions? Chibidaigou now want to sell? Would you like to see the future currency price bureau hunters? What will happen?

In this connection, the “international finance” reporter interviewed 5 from the “coin circle”, “chain circle” and “mine circle” people find that facing such currency price “avalanche”, these senior investors also began to stand”.

Some media said: “I am from the beginning of this year, bitcoin prices high, did not change the position, the deficit more than one million yuan. Now Chibidaigou not flesh, because the current overall prices have been low.”

Another financial media who holds exactly the opposite point of view, he believes that in a bear market, although the price of money has worn out part of the price of its mining cost, but bitcoin prices will continue for a long time.

A head block chain director of venture capital firm promising currency prices, he said that the virtual currency is part of the price is very low, the decline has been great, the more appropriate money to rise. He did not see the bitcoin cash, but now that bitcoin price volatility decline is normal, and is currently in a low stage, along with the development of block chain technology, industry reshuffle, currency prices will return to normal levels.

The director also told reporters forwarded a Hongkong financial circle who broke the news: “Hongkong consortium 2 billion bitcoin hunters”. The news that Hongkong started a real estate trust fund is a wealthy family hunters encryption currency, and from three big exchange bought 20 thousand bitcoins, and through the OTC OTC channel seeking to buy 50 thousand bitcoins.

An upcoming vehicle production company sales frankly, many around him “cash hungry” have clearance or only a very small part of the bitcoin holdings. “Despite the recent currency price may have a small rebound, but in the medium term, currency prices will continue to fall”.

What will happen to the future price of money, who are currently unable to accurately judge. For most investors, now perhaps only the first for the “winter” in the past.

This article from the international financial report

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