Bitcoin plunged 80%, the evaporation of about 1 trillion people, those who hold bitcoins will be?

Bitcoin this kind of thing, that it is a virtual currency. But in fact, we now use the money, but also realize the value in support of the state, not the same as before can be converted directly to gold or currency is gold. This virtual currency with its unique properties can not be copied, attracted onlookers after investors from all walks of life is released. Later, because of its scarcity, most investors have to purchase tickets. But in fact this money without the support of investors, it is impossible to be realized.

Cannot cash money cannot be called money, it seems in the heart of all investors, this is a “Ponzi scheme”. The admission of the people will be in the hands of a monetary value, then the currency sold real cash can be used to exchange money. In fact, buy bitcoin people can understand, this “Ponzi scheme” terrible, but the charm of money is infinite. So even if they may be the last one scam, but they are not willing to believe that this scam will be revealed in their hands.

But fluky investment itself is a gamble, so bitcoin prices to lure those who like a raging fire, fluky gamblers to bet on their money can man’s life and family possessions into a virtual currency. But those who have not sold money, currency prices began to fall, why was the fact that the gamblers know. Is holding a large number of senior investors bitcoin see gamblers a lot of admission, has began to be crazy, knew when to cut chives. These people buy bitcoin, like a crop of Chinese chives, investment bigwigs reaping.

Bitcoin from 10000 rose to $19000 dollars, this time, was looking out of the people finally could not help but want to buy desire. Admission at the highest value, but this time, those operators have begun selling their currency. So bitcoin plunged from the highest point, until now has fallen below $eight thousand, about 1 trillion of the value of evaporation. These persons money by those investment bigwigs as easy as blowing off dust away, leaving the money will really believe this is a man of value. Now those who hold this virtual currency speculators, how to live life.

In fact, no matter what kind of investment, with some gambling. If these speculators have killed red eye, see the value of bitcoin has been on the rise when buying, the 80% is his net worth of all inputs and also borrow foreign debt. The average person is not giving up on coins, more likely to look forward to is the opening, bitcoin prices will rise.

There is also a case of gambling although man’s life and family possessions but also by the foreign debt, but more to understand the truth will stop in time, bitcoin sold the resort, such people will soon be out of the quagmire. Those are just a small portion of the money to put into play as investment people said on the other, people really believe in the value of bitcoin is to say. Continue to hold the possibility of a large, if you hold the bitcoin, don’t panic, either for the home or continue to hold, to keep a good attitude.

Although bitcoin is now able to become a real can be used to trade currency or two, but there is always someone to pay for this virtual currency. These coins are to maintain a good attitude, once the decision to do not hesitate. No matter what the value of bitcoin ups and downs, someone will pay for. Maybe there will be the next wave of manipulation to admission to the game, this time is when the rising currency.

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