Bitcoin price below $200

Bitcoin price below $200

Bitcoin prices fell below $200, this is the first time since January 18th this year, a 6 month low.

According to the CoinDesk bitcoin price index, the average price of the whole network bitcoin, the minimum fell to $198.23, the largest decline occurred in the BTC-e platform, the lowest point reached $192.

As of press time reporter, bitcoin prices have recovered from their lows to $203, and in some parts of the market, the price is still lower than the $200, such as BTC-E.

According to CoinDeskBPI, $198 in the past six months, the lowest average price of bitcoin (not including the individual exchange daily price volatility).

It is reported that the bitcoin market turmoil and the global stock market may widely fall.

In the Chinese stock market, also ushered in a sell-off, reported that the Shanghai Composite Index this week experienced a sharp fall in history 8.49%.

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