Bitcoin prices again fell below $4 thousand

Bitcoin prices again below the 4K support, that the bear market is still in the mainstream. Nevertheless, there are still some interesting developments on the market. Two currency bitcoin cash hard bifurcation have a strange rebound in the daytime. However, they are now plunged, with two digit loss.

Bitcoin prices again below $4 thousand

A sudden turn for the worse again in the bitcoin price, fell more than 6%, the recovery yesterday lost share. Yesterday rose by some traders think the price is fixed. This means that the bear market is not over yet. Today’s figures show that they are right.

In most cases, bitcoin prices dragged down the market of money in the encryption. Bitcoin cash and coins are losing the gains after SV.

Basically, the market has been moving downward, and is expected to continue for some time. Bitpay CEO Sonny Singh believes that bitcoin prices will remain stable. Because this year nothing can affect the price rise or fall. So far, his claim is proved to be wrong.

A hash of the end of the war, the war began to rebound

But in the entire market bearish view, suspected market manipulation happened. Two kinds of hard currency through bifurcation to curb the overall downward trend, the price is greatly improved. Bitcoin cash in less than 30 minutes or more than 25%. Bitcoin SV high.

These price changes are so irregular, some instability can be attributed to the market, or some stakeholders of market manipulation. However, the ability of the traders get some benefits in this strange developments.

In front of the uncertainty

The good news is that the market every day of the new situation, it is good for business. According to Arthur Hayes, the fluctuation is very good, because it will make things move. However, despite the consensus that the bear market will continue, but hard bifurcation instability caused by the market cannot be predicted.

The impact of two currency bitcoin cash on the bifurcation direction of the market seems to indicate that similar behavior may be repeated within a day or a week, especially in the deposit and extract all the exchange open again the two tokens.

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