Bitcoin prices continued to fall, what time to reach bottom?

Compared with the recent stock market crash encryption currency, that is a piece of cake. Only in the past week, bitcoin prices fell more than 15%, to the year so far, it has fallen by nearly 70%.

Bitcoin continues to fall, when can the bottom?

2017 years 12 months, bitcoin reached a peak of more than $1.9 million. At present, the transaction price is about $4600.

Related stock price recently fell and encryption currency market, including the chip maker NVIDIA (NVDA) and AMD (AMD), for the production of bitcoin miners using graphics. Stock investors online retailer OSTK and digital payment company SQ also fell sharply. Only in the past month, each stock decline between 15% to 35%.

Therefore, it can be said that the bitcoin bubble has been broken, now seems to have entered a safe period? Investors should begin to get involved in bitcoin and other related assets and imitators?

Maybe. Some bitcoin people welcomed the recent volatility. This may scare some rushed momentum investors, which means that the bargain hunters can buy bitcoin at more attractive prices.

Financial advisory firm deVere Group CEO Nigel Green (Nigel Green) said: “smart investors know that digital currency is currency in the future, therefore, they will take advantage of lower prices to build their own portfolio, and enhance their positions.”

Green compares the current recession and the end of 1990s when the Internet bubble burst. Many of the Internet Co’s stock plummeted, but Amazon (AMZN) proved that electronic commerce is legal, rather than speculation.

Bitcoin down there may be a more technical, more reliable reason.

In the past year, bitcoin has experienced a called “split fork”. The first branch created bitcoin bitcoin cash — cash recently have been divided into two other branches. For ordinary investors, which basically means greater volatility.

But for bitcoin and a number of other encryption tools (such as Ethereum, litecoin, ripple and stellar), there are still some potential problems. Their prices have recently dropped.

Part of the problem is that the bubble mentality. Short term investors are trying to get rich quickly through these encrypted currency and coins or ICOs for the first time issued.

But they are the high risk of incredible. The United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) also began to crack down on not meet the regulatory requirements of the ICOs.

“The situation will tend to get worse before it gets better.” This is a good thing, also known as the dark before dawn. Remember, the bear market will drive away tourists, so the real entrepreneurs to focus on creating sustainable value.

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