Bitcoin prices continued to slump down, the biggest bubble is about to collapse? What is the value?

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About bitcoin

Block chain and chain block assets. In 2018, the two concepts to cut off or to get a consensus, I think, are possible. Interestingly, almost all the negative voices toward blockchain assets, pyramid, bubble, fraud, even accused in my opinion is very funny, but similar sound but never severed, and most people to block the chain itself, but is optimistic. Why? In my opinion, because of the different cognitive value.

What value? Long ago, people labor value theory, almost beyond labor produced by value, the other value is full of foam, until the cellar for many years Wine surge in value, it is the yeast fermentation, time value, the same technology, also has value, so will not be hostile to the blockchain. However, we all know that the ancient paintings have value, why it is valuable, because it is old? No, because the picture and the word itself recognized, that is to say, the social consensus on these things. However, the presence of ancient people, will be the same idea? The fact is that word, who can not write, selling words down, when a dignitary is hard to find, value, reflected in social status.

The same problem, bitcoin blockchain biggest asset value, not really exist, but did not get the power of the value consensus, it even hit the power of wealth control. This government has no endorsement is different, it appears, that wealth and circulation gradually solidified appeared to become loose and even subvert the signs, which makes all the top people feel uneasy, suppress and acceptance between shilly-shally, so the so-called bad and good news out of their money, contradictory. Then the block chain assets the final result will be what?

If approved by society to reach a consensus, there are technical assets an unprecedented expansion of your uncle or your uncle, first enter the rich richer, ordinary people first enter the rich, and prices generally become the first on the number of cattle who who do, of course, no technical value of assets but return to zero. If you don’t get social recognition, the use of force to suppress the upper, it will become bitcoin believers ziyuzile eden. Block chain assets have in the future, is unable to put aside politics and interests talk, it is the basis of consensus based on the concept of profit. Chain blocks are the future, this is without a doubt.

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