Bitcoin prices fell below $4300 mark

Source: financial website

Today afternoon, Bitstamp display, bitcoin prices fell below $4300 mark, fell more than 9% days.

From a fundamental point of view, digital encryption currency fell collective and BCH in November 15th for the second time on the hard fork.

According to the design roadmap, every six months will be on a hard BCH bifurcation. BCH in 2018 May completed the first hard branch, the development team reached a consensus on the bifurcation, no new bifurcation coins the size of the blocks, will be increased from 8M to 32M.

In essence, bitcoins for other digital encryption currency greatness through hash collision, created a scarcity of supply. But other digital encryption currency every branching time, expansion of several times, will lead to scarcity is getting worse.

This is a BCH hard facing bifurcation, nature is by Craig Steven Wright (Australian person “Macao Satoshi”) spoiler, BCH community face split situation.

Moreover, some financial institutions and media collective failure to see bitcoin led encryption currency, exacerbated the market selling pressure.

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