Bitcoin prices fell below $4500 a week has dropped 30%

[TechWeb] 11 Sept. 20, according to foreign media reports, bitcoin prices fell more than 7.5% Thursday, has fallen below $4500. Bitcoin has plunged in a week 30%.

Bitcoin prices

Encryption currency industry website Coinmarketcap showed that the bitcoin price of about 4490 dollars, the total market value of about 782 billion dollars.

Encrypted currency exchange Bitstamp, bitcoin is currently trading at around $4354, 2017 years 10 months lows.

Other encryption currency, such as Ethereum, XRP, Stellar and so on encryption also fell sharply.

Bitcoin as a payment system for the blockchain encryption currency. By Nakamoto in 2009 based on peer-to-peer network without borders, with the initiative of the open source software creating consensus. Bitcoin prices rise rapidly last year, had topped $19 thousand. In the 2016 year, bitcoin prices still hovering in the $950.

The smallest unit of bitcoin is “cong”, which is based on rumors bitcoin developer named nakamoto. A clever one in one hundred million is equivalent to a bitcoin.

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