Bitcoin prices fell hurt money also sad machine salesman said has no desire to sell “did not feel”

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When the snow solar term, cold weather, currency circle also suffered a sudden cold”.

If you want to find a huge bubble as bitcoin in human history, perhaps only even Newton have trapped in the South Sea bubble. From the first discovered worthless rose to the highest of nearly $20000, then dropped to $4000 today, with bitcoin investors is to understand what is life “change radically”. Not like a beautiful tulips, bitcoin is immaterial, as investors keen blockchain “treasure”. While the production bitcoin mining machine, like flower tulip cultivation, if flowers have withered, the pot should have what use?

11 23, the “daily economic news” reporter to the identity of investors came to Shenzhen Huaqiang North out mill sales. 2017 with the digital currency market is booming, its price was also rising, but this year, with prices led to bitcoin digital currency fell sharply, its glory is no longer, more than its dealer told reporters, now its sales is not ideal, is mostly “puerile”.

Vehicle sales cold winter has been to

SEG Electronic City Huaqiang North is the center of global mining, has become the global marketing center about 90% mills. The main machine of domestic manufacturers such as core technology, dynamic, bit, bit, what are wing technology here shipment.

Bitcoin mining machine sales point source is located in Huaqiang North: intern reporter Liu Chenguang photo

At present its point of sale mainly concentrated in the 4~6 layer of electronic city. It is understood that in its popularity at the time, there have been people from all over the world in the “gold rush”, was once a hard to find the scene. Many machine vendors told reporters that the purchase is very difficult, but don’t worry about sales.

Now with the currency price stumble endlessly, and its sales of “profiteering” era has already passed. A merchant said, now its sales mainly take the amount of. “Because the manufacturers as long as run, upper and lower cost would have been maintained at a stable level.” One merchant told reporters, now a little better marketing machine each profit in 50~100 yuan.

Reporters in the field according to incomplete statistics, the SEG Electronic City sales and its business is only about 20 of the stalls, and few buyers patronize. It is understood that the SEG electronic city most of the vehicle dealers are generally in the last year, bitcoin market hot from the computer of mobile phone accessories manufacturers switch to face this year’s bear market began again.

The sixth floor of a vehicle sales staff told reporters, “we are very depressed, this time the price of money, also have an impact on us, or” ant S9j 14.5T mills’ we will not sell 1600 yuan, 1620 (yuan) the purchase price back, selling a loss of 20 (yuan), so a sub machine to sell on sale.”

See, currency prices continued to fall, had no small influence on vehicle sales intermediaries, when talking with reporters, he paced back and forth, “money down like this, let us lead rapid clearance, a loss of 20 yuan, you say is not ‘cut’? So it went for a no desire, no feeling, “he said, while in the side smile.

However, in his opinion, ore prices is an investment opportunity, “it is best to buy the machine, our dealers are losing money selling, whenever there is a little growth, the price will go up, there is a lot of miners were shut down. Many of them are bought before the machine, when buying expensive, as at the end of last year, twenty thousand or thirty thousand to buy a good.”

The “daily economic news” reporter noted that many businesses have said that there are many professional ore prices fell sharply, to have sales of hot stress for 14.5T’s “ant S9j 14.5T machine as an example, the single price by the end of last year to 20 thousand yuan fell to 1600 yuan / Taiwan around now.

An upgrade eliminated intensified

“With more and more people are digging, the difficulty has increased, so back to the long period of time, in June and July last year, the back soon, and then through the machine can also make money reselling.” A vehicle dealer told reporters.

In fact, mining is also to some extent, the machine is competition, with the chip and its update more stress and its emerging, those is smaller mills at such a wave gradually eliminated. “In January the goods have been booked over 3 Taiwan 48T machine model what, now there are many users in order”, a mill owner told reporters, compared to the “ant S9j 14.5T machine, there are a lot of stress high mill on the market, such as large land than the recently launched S15 (28T), the official price of 11600 yuan / Taiwan, what its M10 (33T) of the single price in 10 thousand yuan.

If the bitcoin is to strengthen the force of difficulty, too low machine will be more and more slowly, the currency digging every day may not be enough electricity consumption, so low the machine is very easy to be eliminated.” Coin circle of professional investors Zuo Xiaodao told reporters.

Fish F2pool founder Mao Shihang also recently said publicly that the current competition between mills has entered a white hot stage, its chip 3 to 6 months for the two generation, resulting in many miners suffered losses.

In addition to its work force, the economic benefits of mining machine price effect is more obvious, according to the current market judgment, in general, bitcoin mining machine hosting price in 0.4 yuan / degrees below if you can still make money, more than the price basically no profit space, and currency price continues to fall.

The “daily economic news” reporter noted that the statistical data released by the F2pool pond, at 10:30 on November 26th, in force for the 13.5T S9 machine as an example, according to the calculation of the price of 0.4 yuan /, electricity costs accounted for the proportion of income was 95%, in 25, this data is 101%.

Some businessmen told reporters that the price of some foreign countries is relatively low, a lot of foreigners last year went to Huaqiang North order, rely on low price can quickly recover the cost. According to reports, the price is lower in countries with Bangladesh, Belarus, Paraguay, Serbia, Trinidad and Tobago etc..

Quite noteworthy is that the ore ring cold, mines and small mines seems not the same fate.

According to public information, the domestic large mines mostly concentrated in Yunnan, Sichuan, Inner Mongolia and Xinjiang provinces. This machine hot tide process, is mainly affected by smaller mines, but because of the field strength of large capital is relatively abundant, and managed the electricity prices low, shutdown phenomenon is not widespread.

Chinese mining industry who declined to be Name sales personnel to the “daily economic news” reporter said, now low force machine every day at breakeven price now is probably in the 0.4 yuan / kwh. “We also have mines in Xinjiang, slightly lower than the price”. He suggested that if the investment in mining the best to buy relatively high computing power and its low power, sooner or later will be phased out.

In fact, the reporter visited the learned many, in addition to dig bitcoin mining, now on the market for other digital currency is gradually rising, as one of the 5 encryption currency the currency (ZEC) is a popular currency.

“If you have to see the bitcoin, can buy a A9 machine to dig a large coin, the settlement, and then sell the currency, exchange bitcoin exchange directly or in.” The sales staff said.

In the view of the left knife, big coin is anonymous digital currency, bitcoin is better than hiding, which has been part of coin ring game player favor. While mills are also selling more than at present, better profitability.

Industry: leading currency price decline due to many reasons

On the whole, investment or digital currency with a degree of gambling, the price change is elusive. A mill retailer to the “daily economic news” reporter said: “investment currency circle risk is high, investment money to within their tolerance range, can not say that out of all the belongings to gambling. Very simple, gambling, made money, risks and benefits are proportional to the rising faster, falling faster. This industry has to make the time, when there are losses, the admission of the people may be picked up cheap, may also be cut chives”.

With the digital currency bitcoin prices continued to fall, the price has reached a price off many miners, miners can endure the shutdown of currency price up, but will sell its boil. Zuo Xiaodao believes that the machine is sold mainly electricity costs more than the daily returns, “sideways too long, the consensus is weakened, no new funds admission, no part of the block chain project progress is the cause of this round of decline.” Zuo Xiaodao said.

Study on the legal Chinese bank director Xiao Sa of the “daily economic news” reporter said, “the value of the decline is likely to currency countries and encryption is not very clear attitude, so Chibidaigou or pessimism, must at the same time, from a technical point of view, bitcoin encryption technology is still relatively backward.” Xiao Sa believes that the bitcoin block chain technology still has very wide application prospect, especially from the perspective of distributed widely in the field of financial accounting, application, and achieved good results, such as the blockchain invoice etc..

Reporters noted that not long ago, the U.S. Securities Regulatory Commission (SEC) ordered the two earlier survey by the ICO enterprises to take the initiative to contact all involved in the ICO in the 2017 10 users, and inform them of the right to request the return of principal and interest.

In fact, bitcoin production is also gradually increased, public information, a total of 21 million gold coins, has produced about 16 million or so, but the output will be reduced by half every four years, 2140 years is expected to bitcoin will be all finished digging.

President Xiao Lei’s 500 Gold Research Institute believes that bitcoin is emerging to block Internet chain information industry as the leading subject, at the same time with the financial attributes, which also contributed to the soaring prices, the total market value was more than $200 billion, but if you stand on the company’s perspective, the company is profitable business but, hold bitcoin is no institution or organization is responsible for holding the bitcoin, if there are investors abandoned stage, will lead to price volatility.” Xiao Lei said.

In addition, Xiao Lei believes that the currency price fluctuation is mainly determined by the market attribute of bitcoin digital currency, gold, crude oil and diamonds are related to the organization of underpinning and endorsement, bitcoin, and chips is very fragmented, about 300 ~ 500 million holders, rose no ceiling, but if fall is also unable to predict.”

Probe the capital founding partner of GT week that “branch wars” has a certain impact on the price of money, “because BCH (bitcoin cash) the split into two camps, the battle in the fight for their own legitimacy, the two camps have several bitcoin mining pool the largest in the world, is diverted bitcoin causes the market confidence temporarily hit.”

According to several media reports, the leadership of the two sides of this hard fought are considered bifurcation of Australian Craig Steven Wright (CSW) and bit, CEO Wu Jihan. In order to support the bifurcation hard war, both consume a lot of its work force, causing periodic stress fluctuation.

Currency prices, also affect its sales, its “sold on the pounds on the network news spread like wildfire. Recently, Mao Shihang (God fish) in an interview explaining why the machine sell cheap. He pointed out that as a result, China Southwest hydropower station in the dry season, which means that electricity costs will rise rapidly; and some S9 machine has been 3 years of mining, mine just in new period; finally, bitcoin prices fell rapidly, leading to the original left a little profit space are being eroded.

Someone left, someone to leave, for money ring investors, now is difficult for them to bear the “winter”, but in fact, because bitcoin itself has some irreplaceable characteristics, many investors are still optimistic about its future value, “as not by any organizations and institutions under the control of the personal wealth bitcoin, the encryption algorithm can guarantee the security of personal assets,” said left a knife.

The reporter interviewed a number of investors, some investors choose more positions have been waiting for an opportunity, they did not rush to “flesh”. But when the bottom price coins do not have a clear answer.

The company listed currency price increase power machine?

On the one hand, encrypted currency prices stumble endlessly, on the other hand, associated with the digital currency machine manufacturers have been seeking listing.

The “daily economic news” reporter noted that not long ago came to Jia Nan Yun Chi landing HKEx difficult news. As the first to submit the prospectus of mine production company, Chia Nan Yun Chi listed lost in the currency circle caused no small waves, while in the previous, Chia Nan Yun Zhi intended landing A shares and three new board were lost.

In fact, in addition to Jia Nan Yun Zhi, in Hong Kong stocks still have bit, and two mills Tianhe International production enterprises waiting for the listing.

With this year, bitcoin prices decline, the performance of the company is also affected. As a bit, said in the prospectus, change encryption currency, which recorded a loss of about $103 million currency depreciation encryption.

Now although Jia Nan Yun Chi “crashed” in Hong Kong, but the other two vehicle manufacturers is still walking in the road to market. Whether once listed on the success of mining machine company will produce a certain boost to the currency price? Xiao Lei believes there will be some effect: the stability of mining machinery production business determines the upstream market prospects, in not listed before the mining machine company financing channel is relatively narrow, if the currency price falls, will sell a large number of digital currency in order to maintain their own operations, have a certain impact on the price of money.

“If you have listed channels, financing channels will be very wide, does not need the stage of selling hand holding money to maintain the company operation, so the impact on the market will be relatively small; and in the long run, the mainstream capital can participate in these digital assets in upstream market through formal channels, providing more stable resources for the entire market. Boost market confidence.” Xiao Lei said.

For its prospects for the company, after the listing of Xiao Lei believes that such business is still relatively traditional, as long as the profitability and sales situation is good, should be listed just a matter of time.

For bitcoin future price movements, Xiao SA think it is difficult to predict. But she said, “now bitcoin in the world of the relatively high degree of recognition, many countries take a more moderate attitude, from the perspective of economics, if there is sufficient market demand, bitcoin prices should not be zero, perhaps the future trend of regression of value.”

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