Bitcoin prices fell, the blockchain OK?

Recently, bitcoin market, prices began to fall. So many people have lost hundreds of thousands, millions, even some people on the roof.

Moreover, mills are reportedly sold by catty.

Recently to see the media can also be found, a lot of WeChat public number has been sealed, the number of the blockchain public number plummeted, and this should be the year twice.

And if we go to see the block chain company, well, the collapse of more. If we go to the GitHub on the block chain project, many are no longer maintained.

Why block chain right now?

First of all, when the blockchain just fire, many people have joined the wave of thinking about fishing gold. People from all walks of life to think have a chance to get rich, achieve financial freedom. Machine sales, mine fire. There are indeed many people earn a lot of money. When people open their mouth “all remodeling” closed “reconstruction of production relations”. But a lot of people, even what is the block chain, what is the consensus of all don’t understand.

For example, we go to see a very ironic effect of the situation, in the more rigorous academic field, we go to search for “regional chain”

Unbelievable, they even did not play on the blockchain dare to send the article!

Then with the governments this year to control the blockchain strengthen, many companies find that thinking about money making cannot survive, helpless delisting. Industry bubble burst. Many people do not start thinking about mining, not thinking about money.

Also, trading bitcoin and the reality of Tether company by the United States government survey, is said to have suspected price manipulation. The company also said is a stable currency, dollar conversion will not have much guarantee with bullying, this look, may manipulate the exchange rate, how to believe?

Finally, is the capital of cooling, block chain fire for so long, has not landed a meaningful application, all kinds of slogans, a lot of capital can not see hope, no longer continue to put.

However, a good time, such a formal block chain development block chain now for the rest of the mighty wave crashing on a sandy shore, people are really love and can promote the development of the chain block.

Blockchain will be the future!

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