Bitcoin prices fell, the bubble burst?

Recently, bitcoin prices have been falling, once boarded micro-blog hot search. As of publication has dropped to about $3700

The total market value has been falling

As the encryption currency bigbrother, bitcoin is currently the development of such a difference, other encryption currency development also is not good, the price is only one word: down!


We recall at the beginning of the year, bitcoin prices as high as $20000, but the price is very unstable, beginning in early August to mid November prices are hovering around $6400, but last week it plunged nearly 38%, the lowest since record 13 months. Plus other virtual currency prices plummeted, many mines have not had to do, liquidation of assets, close the door.

Many say the reason, the strengthening of supervision, the development of the market is bleak, the user will lead to loss of confidence, capital exit prices begin to fall.

We went to the mill as the major manufacturers, have begun to sell cheap machine, and the transfer of the core business, such as bit, have begun to get involved in the field of artificial intelligence, NVIDIA graphics sales are also affected. Because the price is too low, many people are not willing to dig. As for why the mining can make money, we can see the previous article.

In general, the beginning time block encryption monetary chain technology, for the current market did not bring forward much impact, more hype, this may be the main reason of encryption currency spike. But the open crypto currency block chain door, let everyone know the block chain technology, development of specific follow-up is still very impressive.

Now a lot of people in the virtual currency are serious losses, you can now feel into the virtual currency?

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