Bitcoin prices plummeted, mills are cheap deal, users may even have electricity: unable to return the book

That block chain, some people may be familiar with, some people do not know? But I think we should have heard a lot of people some time before the surge in bitcoin? Block chain and bitcoin is probably more than a dozen years ago, when bitcoin is also very few people know that there will be no more people to buy bitcoin money, but when the two bits of currency prices also experienced a rose ah!

When bitcoin is not hot, some people have the Post Bar above have a post, said he had 5000 yuan of money do not know what to do to help users, netizens reply too much, some people say that he had to eat the 5000 yuan, also said let him take the money to travel, with one comment suggested that he is to take 5000 yuan to buy bitcoin, after ten years will rise, of course, now bitcoin also rose in a period of time.

After bitcoin rose, associated with bitcoin products also followed it produced, the whole industry chain is the block, after the rise of the block chain of this industry, there is some block chain APP in the promotion, for example, SSS and so on, of course the most APP block chain do not need too much input, but of course there are some people that have invested investment chain blocks, for example, buy the blockchain machine, through mining to mining, and mining machinery also need 24 hours a day to work on it for operation of mining, so this is a day of electricity investment.

But in recent times the price of bitcoin also fell ah, now bitcoin also has fallen below $4300, so that now the price of bitcoin is the breakdown of the cost price of many small and medium-sized mining, mine distribution in Xinjiang Inner Mongolia this place, since now the price of bitcoin the mill continued to decline to second-hand price low treatment, while a year ago bitcoin mining machine can even reach nearly twenty thousand yuan price, now second-hand machine price is very low, it even lower prices to 1000 yuan each price, according to a the platform of data, a platform is now unable to pay management fees and some electricity.

On this point, many netizens said, with bitcoin prices fell, the blockchain is seldom someone investment, some netizens also said some of mine boss even electricity did not earn back, some friends said now the blockchain industry so low there who will take over the mill?

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