Bitcoin rebound to more than $4000

In November 29, 2018, after a round of almost uninterrupted selling pressure, bitcoin and similar products altcoin in prices beyond all expectations. Previously, and encryption related news cycle seems to have changed. After a day of the action, the total value of all encryption assets has risen to $135 billion, 15% higher than Sunday’s record of $115 billion a year low.

High Crypto recent rebound will BTC from $3800 up to $4375 (or about 11%), and data aggregation company CoinMarketCap said the trading volume of the company announced $20 billion (24 hours). Bitcoin recent actions happened after the assets reached $3400 a year low of a few days, fell 40% compared with about $6000 in late summer and early autumn.

Just like the eToro internal password expert / Analyst Marty Greenspan (Mati Greenspan), FX Pro Insights analyst Alexander Coupe Zikovic market (Alexander Kuptsikevich) to $3500 / bitcoin price level as a field of interest, he told MarketWatch:

Noteworthy market behavior near $3500. This area in September 2017 a substantial increase, so the technical analysis prompted us prices close to the level of dynamic tracking

As Asye Chis M before the news of the world reported, this idea has become the support line more and more important in the eyes of analysts. On Monday, also from a foreign exchange trading company Nick Callie (Nick Cawley) said on the same media, considering the lack of “promoting the move message”, BTC is likely to between $3500 to $3700 in the bottom, even if the volume continues to rise.

Translation: Kunming plus

Source: ethereumworldnews

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