Bitcoin record plummeted 1st Anniversary note: this year, what happened to the digital asset?

A year ago today, December 17th is bitcoin history a memorable day, the day of bitcoin reached a historical high of $19487, nearly $twenty thousand. Bitcoin’s market value has reached a record high of $317 billion 500 million. (Note: the data collected from the CoinMarketCap, because the platform is not the same as the price data may vary.)

When over a year, led to bitcoin digital currency market falls down, greatly exceeded expectations. At 12:00 on December 17, 2018, bitcoin price of $3260, compared with the highest point in history has fallen by 83.3%. Bitcoin market capitalization of $56 billion 800 million, compared with the highest point in history has fallen 82.1%.

This year, the vast majority of digital currency has fallen by more than 90%. The total market value of digital currency market from the highest point of 817 billion 600 million dollars, fell to $103 billion 500 million today, the market value fell to the equivalent of nearly $700 billion, or up to 87.3%.

This year, digital currency and related industries, has experienced Rainbow Night. At the beginning of the year, Xu Xiaoping gave the orders, opened the prelude of the fiery. Especially during the Spring Festival, “three” group of A new force suddenly rises. so many people feel that the blockchain hot. As a result, all kinds of “big brothers” have appeared, want to dominate in the presence of a rare historical opportunity! All kinds of block chain meeting retrofit, emerge in an endless stream! Thousands of block chain media such as bamboo shoots after a spring rain like to take out, also in the blockchain tide slice! Especially the first half of the year, there are hundreds of spectacular volley coins……

However, so many people did not think that the downtown buildings soon disillusioned. Digital currency began to fall from the beginning of the year, especially in the second half of the year, are falling more miserable! Many aspiring entrepreneurs in the block chain could no longer carry. Hundreds of exchange closed, nearly a thousand million digital monetary authorities to stop the death, mine…… The blockchain exceptionally cold winter!

Digital currency death tide

Recently, the statistics focus on “death” (Dead Coins) encryption of digital currency sites coinopsy and deadcoins, lists the latest “death list”. According to the latest Deadcoins “death list” shows that the number of digital currency list has reached 943. It is worth mentioning that the total digital currency Coinmarketcap only 2073. The mortality rate of up to 45.5%. And there are a lot of digital money on the way to death.

Such a high mortality rate, and ICO in the absence of regulation barbaric growth are not unrelated. Now, ICO is very simple and very lucrative money means. Since 2016 years, has created many “wake up, billions of dollars of assets” riches myth. Even a senior game player concluded, “ICO has exceeded the profits of drug trafficking.”

Although ICO policy risk is more and more big, the failure rate is more and more big. Numerous block chain practitioners or rush, have reached the. It is seen that risk, 9 months, and have also strengthened supervision of all countries.

9 in the afternoon of 18 March, the central bank website published a paper entitled “unremittingly for prevention of ICO and virtual currency transaction risk” announcement. Notice that the ICO financing subject is essentially a kind of dragons and fishes jumbled together, without the approval of illegal public financing behavior, suspected of illegal sale of promissory notes, illegal issuance of securities, illegal fund-raising, financial fraud, pyramid schemes and other illegal and criminal activities.”

The United States Securities Regulatory Commission (SEC) ordered the two earlier survey by the 1CO company, take the initiative to contact them all in ICO in October 2017 and inform the user, they have the right to request a refund and interest. This includes selling the tokens of people. Investors will buy the currency valuation of $payment. At the same time, SEC also conducted effective supervision on the exchange platform and celebrities.

Strengthen supervision, effectively curb the chaos hit ICO. The latest statistics show that in the last month of ICO 11 encryption of the bear market, the lowest level of fundraising plummeted to 2018 years, and the decline of money market funds linked to encryption.

Exchange from downtown to disillusionment

This year, booming digital currency, also let many people see exchange opportunities, this year can be said to be the year of the outbreak of the exchange. In June 12, 2017, 4132 of the world’s stock exchange; in December 21, 2017, 7693 of the world’s stock exchange; in January 3, 2018, 7463 of the world’s stock exchange; in June 15, 2018, 11296 of the world’s stock exchange! As of today, according to Coinmarketcap data show that the current global total exchange 16070. That is to say, in the second half of the year and an increase of nearly 5000!

However, don’t look at a lot of exchange, but trading volume is surprisingly bleak. According to Coinmarketcap, the daily trading volume on $100 thousand only 172 exchange.

With more and more people into the exchange industry, the head began to show the effect of the head, because the exchange can monopolize the market flow. At present, the digital encryption currency trading market, before the 20 head exchange has profit income bursa 90%, left tens of thousands of small exchanges to carve up the remaining 10% profit.

For those who do not have the exchange trading volume, waiting for them is only his announced closure. 2017 years 12 months, YouBit Exchange announced bankruptcy liquidation. In January 2018, Japan’s Coincheck exchange funds due to hackers declared bankruptcy. In February 2018, the German team at center of the equity distribution is not clear, the actual controller Chen run away. In March 2018, Japan’s Mr. Exchange and Tokyo Gateway announced the closure of the two exchanges. In June 2018, Cattleex Exchange announced bankruptcy. Also in June, a domestic named “86bex” digital asset trading platform with a “see you around in a week after the implementation of mining transaction! “The announcement on the author. In June, TBS mobile phone exchange shut down run away. In November 2018, OKUEX (non OK group) exchange issued an emergency notice, announced that the platform was unable to maintain the platform, since the announcement time decided to suspend all operations. 11 2018, South Korea’s currency exchange service termination Zeniex encryption…… There are a lot of unknown exchange before flowering is put up the shutters.

Exchange closures are part of the reason is the hacker attack, stolen assets to repay, forced into bankruptcy liquidation. But more because the digital currency suffered a bear market. The line on the platform after the income is too low, the maintenance cost is too high, or investment funds to make ends meet sudden withdrawals, resulting in the collapse of the exchange.

The blockchain media Nanke dream

This year, digital currency market, let the chain block to mass media from cooking oil fire death, like Nanke dream! Come and go in a hurry!

After the Spring Festival, the blockchain media has become the new direction of investment of many people. It can be said that investment capital to block chain media has a crazy state, block chain vertical media financing information come in a throng of dazzling. IDG capital, Ming potential capital plum angel, PreAngel and other institutions have investment projects from.

Mars financial on-line 26 days 150 million valuation, financial chain founded 7 days deep financing 10 million, digital currency investment community “currency in the world” by the real fund, forright capital investment area completed tens of millions of dollars of angel round of financing. “Money” announced by bean capital investment of tens of millions of yuan. The blockchain content platform “tiger’s financial” received tens of millions of dollars of angel round of financing. Crazy capital staggering.

However, with the arrival of the bear market of digital currency. The original block chain technology companies to rely on publicity and media services fees earned blockchain, also due to tighter regulation and business volume fell sharply and began to survive the crisis, some are directly banned, some are reluctant to support.

October 10th, tiger, financial App shut down. The completion of several ten million yuan Angel round block chain financing media survive less than a year have been shut down in the last year before the spring festival. Two days later, the gold Shiqi under block chain media “B ring” also announced the closure, B ring App public number beginning in May August update, stop pushing, lasted only 3 months. There are a large number of media public number of stops.

11 June 28, Golden Finance founder Du were in the circle of friends said, Golden Finance monthly loss of nearly 300 million, there are a lot of * * * * block chain finance, are at a loss in the. He further said that despite the bear market losses, but still hold the Golden Finance 3 years. According to this, the golden financial reserves is about one hundred million.

The bear also exposed the blockchain media industry still exist not professional practitioners, business level uneven problems. To improve the double attack difficult in the out of the market and their own strength, block chain media facing a rout, shutting down some, some switch, some are in disarray fighting approach, who is who is going to stay at the end of the day, remains to be seen.

Mining industry feast ended

This year, digital currency market, also let the owner and machine manufacturers have a roller coaster to test. With the encrypted digital currency closely linked to the ecological mills, also from the “xiangbobo” into “shanyaodan”.

From the beginning of November, bitcoin prices show free fall down from a high of 45000 yuan, the minimum fell to 25200 yuan, the rate is as high as 40%. The successive decline, bitcoin prices have more than one machine breakdown cost, namely the mining income is insufficient to pay the fee and management fee. Because of unbearable loss, many game player sold “mining equipment”, wash out the coin ring.

According to the information display, after some small bitcoin mine mill hill of general waste heap in the yard, even being in accordance with the price of catty to sell scrap metal. According to incomplete statistics, there are millions of mills in shutdown state.

The affected and mining machinery manufacturers. The first half of a machine is hard to get high, now fell into the garbage price. The world’s largest vehicle manufacturers – sign bit mainland official website found by tens of thousands, even tens of thousands have been stir fried, a hard to find, and even help the smuggling machine, have slashed prices. Compared with the original price at the beginning of the year, a variety of models has been reduced to less than ninety percent off, the minimum is only 300 yuan.

Many experienced from the bull market to bear, have to admit that the industry profits era has passed. It was also pointed out that with the emergence of mines and integration, smaller miners are gathering in crowds and groups to evacuate distribution of miners also re balance. Bitcoin mining industry is likely in the future, has entered the financial strength of the big game player field.

Written in the last:

For the digital currency, this year the winter was very cold. But Buffett famously said: only when the tide receded, you can know who is swimming naked”. Block chain is also experiencing such experience,

Do not experience wind and rain, how can see the rainbow. Block chain with the Internet, is a kind of underlying technology. On the basis of the Internet bubble, the birth of Google, Facebook, BAT such a giant. In the same way, in the chain block technology, the future will be the birth of a number of such scale enterprises.

Bear, show the true colour of a hero. To those who are still in the blockchain industry encourage entrepreneurs!

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Special statement: block chain industry ICO project investment risk is extremely high; Dragons and fishes jumbled together, all kinds of digital currency false ones, requiring the user to prudent investment. “True” chain is only responsible for the sharing of information, does not constitute any investment advice, users of all investment behavior has nothing to do with the station.

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