Bitcoin reward platform Lolli completed the $2 million 250 thousand seed round of financing

 Bitcoin reward platform Lolli completed the $2 million 250 thousand seed round of financing

Bitcoin rewards platform Lolli has announced the completion of a $2 million 250 thousand seed round of financing, combined with the lead cast including Bain Capital Ventures and Digital Currency Group, Version One, the Senate voted parties including Forerunner Ventures, 3K VC, SV Angel, FJ Labs, and Gokul Rajarm, Alex Chung and Brian Sugar and other investors.

Lolli is a shopping rewards platform, they reached a partnership with a number of brands, as long as consumers buy brand goods and service partners can earn bitcoin. The company said that the number of their partners have more than 500, including Hilton Hotel, Marriott, WAL-MART, Forever and 21, can provide up to 30% of bitcoin investment returns for consumers”.

Lolli co-founder and CEO Alex Adelman (Alex Adelman) said:

“Our customer conversion rate of more than 9%, and has created more than 6 digit sales performance for business cooperation. Not only that, the Lolli platform business model also adds a practical case for bitcoin applications.”

At present, Lolli has launched a browser, but only Chrome and Safari two browser. Consumers landing Lolli partner shopping site will receive a reward feedback reminder, at checkout payment will get assigned bitcoin reward. In order to allow consumers to easily use the bitcoin reward, Lolli also launched a corresponding digital currency bitcoin wallet, the user awards will be automatically deposited to your wallet, purse, and then through the expenditure storage or bitcoin exchange.

It is worth mentioning that, Lolli company attaches great importance to the security of the digital currency wallet, said they are currently using cold storage line to ensure that users of bitcoin can not be stolen.

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