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Bitcoin road in where? Gold stick financial information platform

On the table, friends drinking wine, constantly complain about that he had just had an admission skydiving experience, in the beginning there was a rise in the experience, and then never lifted. The original sit is a hot air balloon, did not expect to play the jump. Regret a hot head rushed in when the disk access man.

Bitcoin recently issued a message for later admission bitcoin investors, can be called the bad news. It is reported that bitcoin prices fell below $3500, refresh the lowest since September 24, 2017. Bitcoin crazy began diving is from Beijing time on November 25th at about 5 in the morning to start the day, successive time broke the 4200, 4100, 4000, 3900, 3800, 3700, 3600, 3500 eight points.

Someone asked fell into this should be about it, for later bitcoin prices, Oanda Corp Asia Pacific head of trading Stephen Innes that has not yet bottomed out, his basic prediction is the short term, bitcoin prices will fluctuate between $3500 to $6500 over the next year January may fall to $2500.

China bitcoin circle Reds Li Xiaolai micro-blog also said: “the money ring can be scattered. This is why why go. I don’t go, don’t go, because the rough skin and flesh.”

The news about the late admission bitcoin investment, not an acceptable view. But very helpless, those chasing high Jiancang bitcoin investors is summarized the investment experience of failure.

Buffett’s investment philosophy, there is a total being compared repeatedly — do not know not to do. But in the real investment, how many people can do. Back to the bitcoin or digital currency, people really understand it talk about.

Through bitcoin has no intrinsic value view. It is the lack of realistic bondage, no real world credit endorsement, now and in the future are endorsed by technical means, but current technology has not developed to the people imagine, now bitcoin to the center of the process is a process, the actual cost is very high, which also produced second defects, use very limited. The combination of the two, the asset price is almost equivalent to the pure investment, so it is very unstable.

This is not to deny that the future of digital currency, is to remind people to invest in digital currency, that digital currency investment stage and future trends, to achieve effective investment, but now bitcoin as the first generation of digital currency, because it’s time in the early stage, it can become wrapped in liberal consciousness type a cocoon of mysticism foam technology.

The late admission bitcoin investors, should be subject to temptation. See the examples of investors have been overnight, then began to put himself in the illusion, think that he could be in a very small probability. He gives advice, for this type of investors, he said, are you the most rich fantasy should not consider the matter, there are a lot of things will not be working for you, find them, and then they have this to avoid any contact, bitcoin is one of the things that should be avoided.

In recent years, with the rapid growth of the encryption rate, the technical risk of financial crime has recently occurred frequently, so most countries take a cautious attitude, the strict supervision, China market is directly canceled. Thinking about bitcoin investment from these aspects, this by the government against the encryption currency market should not liquidity, with the macro – control policy, there is a huge risk.

Many investors are subject to the temptation of technology can be a financial, financial investment, regardless of financial technology or technology to transform the financial essence, cannot do without the financial investment, financial investment needs financial investment knowledge, skills and risk monitoring. Once out of the financial essence, all technological means are likely to speak guilefully.

So, think of bitcoin gold stick, the future is very difficult, unless bitcoin find their own value, if only as an investment in the digital currency, probably just as the financial science and technology on the stepping stone for fodder, technology more advanced digital currency was born.

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