Bitcoin Road: never ever meet again

Bitcoin Road: never ever meet again

The Martians haven’t write something, but not because of lazy oh. On the one hand is feeling more and more to say nothing, the surging passion brings bitcoin gradually subsided, the words have not finished feeling; indeed what attractive topic in recent Chinese bitcoin circle, prices continued to slump, has also been active game player is so few; the Martians were very busy recently. In Australia and the buddies to engage in pyramid schemes, so it would be less time online.

Han Han is a controversial figure in the mainland has been, from the blockbuster debut, to the early works of the war and lead a fast, slobber and Fang on the ghostwriter door, not to mention Han Han fans and Guo Jingming fans the battle of the lord. When Martians are young, love Han Han’s words very much, read almost all of his early works. Everyone in the change over time, the young and middle-aged Han Han Han Han, from rebel to the mainstream and kitsch, which taste perhaps only he himself can experience.

Read “the road movie” never ever meet again on the road, the Martians bitcoin this lonely pyramid, there are some special experience here and we chat movie lines.

Right or wrong? The pros and cons?

Only kids are willing to tell right from wrong. Adults only weigh the pros and cons。

From the viewpoint of moral philosophy, wrong is a concept of absolutism, and the advantages and disadvantages is a concept of utilitarianism. The need is a wrong perspective and avoid leaning to either side is decided, the pros and cons of ass stance. We in the bitcoin circle, also can see children and adults. Bitcoin circle children love, bitcoin’s reason is the absolute type of right and wrong: the government should not monopolize the currency authority, the bank should not create credit monopoly power, all people should have a free exchange of value, should be distributed to the center of the future direction of human progress. Bitcoin circle of adult people, love bitcoin reason is a utilitarian view: the central bank issued currency and price fell, micro-blog issued a call; game player is not conducive to their own positions in the news, called a “banker”; and their operation in the opposite direction, called a foundation; a large number of members to sell bitcoins, scold.

From a broader perspective, the distribution proportion of children and adults have been almost, and this may be the inevitable law of social operation. The child is relatively small, this is also the world looks so bleak, once deeply sad for the martians. The same logic exist in various fields, we see the adults fuzzy values, they do not care about politics as his cowardly excuse, they laughed at the idealists to fill their inner emptiness and uneasy, they attack the weak flattering power, most do not want to go to Mars is adults the world. The difference between children and adults is their heart, and time independent. When you have a curiosity, forever in the world with the inspection and judgement, I still think you are still a child.

    Sometimes, you want to prove to ten thousand people, then, you only get a man to understand, that’s enough.

The Martians had wanted to prove to all the people, bitcoin is the currency program better, of course, now also did not give up the hope, but the reality is that your voice is too small, and all of them are not turned to hear you say. 2014 has passed one half, in this period, the increase in the number of Chinese bitcoin circle almost stagnant. But Mars didn’t feel discouraged, because in this way I met a lot of people understand, thanks to the Internet technology, let the Martians met so many interesting bitcoin game player. Maybe bitcoin this great human experiment ended in failure, but our friendship will never save on time and space block chain.

Concept of money

You did not even view the world, where the world view?

A coin in a “young friend, you should buy some ridicule bitcoin card:” you haven’t bought even more than bitcoin, where the concept of money? For ordinary people, the money is the boss made money, bank deposits, the market price, but there are a few people seriously to think about the nature of money? The source of value in national currency credit? History has proven countless times, the nation with the mintage, with no exception to hyperinflation currency collapse ended. The value of the money comes from the physical security? Gold out of circulation of money, and not able to convince their award. Mars people think: Money is just a tool, the invention of this tool is to better realize the value of exchange.

The whole human history tedious, but in two hundred years ago has undergone a qualitative change, because of the rise of the industrial revolution, science and technology has brought a new world outlook to the human. The recent twenty years, the Internet revolution has brought to mankind a new leap of world outlook. In the field of money, some people choose to believe that ancient gold, perhaps because the language has the value of gold engraved in logic, some people choose to believe that the government and the country, because in their view of the world, the currency should be issued by the state, some people choose to believe in the center of the the organization, but they think the free competition between organizations will lead to currency one win. For the love of bitcoin, they choose to believe that mathematics and human nature, believe that mathematics is to believe that the universe is a rational being, believe that human nature is that common choice of human collective intelligence.

For bitcoin malicious attack too much, people don’t want to go to Mars has made repeated slobber war. You don’t have to convince a fossilized old soul, the concept of money revolution will take place in the body of the younger generation, just as two hundred years ago, the steam engine, just as one hundred years ago, the lights, as the Internet twenty years ago, with the passage of time, perhaps twenty years later, using the central organization the currency will be regarded as backward and evil. A senior once said: “I’ve never seen a real understanding of the working principle of the bitcoin, bitcoin is not love.


    To like someone is to run wild, but to love someone is to restrain。

What is love, what is love? Each young adolescent girls will become a linguist, careful analysis behind these two words represent the meaning of. Love will presumptuous, it does not leave, the Martians were enough unbridled, all bitcoin MLM mouth, see people say to the development of the assembly line, the mouth is very enjoyable. But when you really love something, when you want to bring it to you farther, you will understand that love is restraint. When the first radio show, I really began to worry about the MLM two words will can’t help to say, I began to fear in the hotline in the attack bitcoin money laundering drug trafficking, I began to worry about what bitcoin is how to accurately describe the time.

The Martians then began to review, Silicon Valley outstanding venture capital fund managers is how to define bitcoin: a revolutionary way of payment (Payment System). We can boldly say that bitcoin will eventually defeat the currency, bitcoin will rise to a $one hundred thousand, but the reality is that there is less application of bitcoin, accept bitcoin businesses also only hundreds of thousands, accept bitcoin only a few million people. Needless to say, the traditional financial forces is still huge, a ban from the government, an encirclement from giant companies, will bring great harm to the development of bitcoin. Although the Martians shake for bitcoin confidence not, these attacks can not really hurt the bitcoin network, but once you love it, you don’t want to let it be the original of these attacks can be avoided.

We need to learn and mass communication, we need a set of effective methods and ordinary people to explain what is bitcoin, bitcoin can bring what the world, bitcoin has what help for me. We need to learn and exchange policy makers, told the advantage they bitcoin in transparency on anti-corruption, in the elimination of cash to prevent crime on the edge, in the payment and settlement cost saving advantages. We need to learn and exchange of entrepreneurs, told them that bitcoin can give electronic business brings new vitality, bitcoin can bring more convenience to international trade. Mars first radio experience make me believe, as long as you can put the principle and Prospect of bitcoin is that ordinary people will be interested in it and began to study.


    He was so lonely drifting, only to see the unknown world.

In the bitcoin career at this stage is doomed to loneliness, but loneliness is a pioneer of friend, to find the real courage in our loneliness. Even the Martians did not dare to imagine, once the blockchain technology has become the mainstream, what will become of the future, but I would like to have been toward the unknown world. Bitcoin enthusiasts are modern people with real pirates, but the sea is digital ocean is composed of 1 and 0 of the vast.

    Have the opportunity, I told you my story.

Investment banking, brokerage, venture funds, law firms, accounting firms, the CSRC and the stock exchange…… Have these things and Mars is far away, but recently has become a regular dealing. Bitcoin industry lack of cash flow, so we decided to open up the gap between traditional financial industry and bitcoin industry. There are many interesting stories in the way of your dreams, and this is a particular story that makes you the one and only life.

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