Bitcoin satellite? Blockstream hints that “is about to launch” the first satellite

nnnA recent report, Blockstream CSO Samson Mow released a tweet, which comes with a preview of the company’s new project video. The video introduces some of the basic facts of Bitcoin, but the simultaneous display of satellites can not help but make people imagine that the encrypted money community has speculated that the company wants to release Bitcoin satellite to broadcast the deal. But the company did not make a clear statement, but Samson Mow said it would soon disclose more information.n
nnTranslation: Clovern
nThe encrypted money community has a variety of speculation about Blockstream’s announcement that new products will soon be available.n
nIn a notice of the video on its project, Blockstream said that faced with limited global Internet penetration even more limited online freedom, the company wanted to “connect all the people on Earth.”n
nThe video specifically shows a satellite that runs around Earth orbit, as well as some basic facts about Bitcoin. Social media commentators have said that this implies that the company wants to trade through the satellite coin.n
nThe company CSO Samson Mow has released the video link-related tweets: “Just as [Elon Musk] and SpaceX bring revolutionary changes to spaceflight, Blockstream will bring innovation to Bitcoin, which is going to happen.”n
nnJust as @elonmusk and @SpaceX bring revolutionary changes to spaceflight, Blockstream will bring innovation to Bitcoin, which is coming soon.
n- Samson Mow (@Excellion) August 14, 2017n
nnAnd questions about whether there is an official relationship between Blockstream and SpaceX are also emerging, and SpaceX is committed to launching thousands of satellites into space by 2019.n
nMow added today that “soon” will provide more information without waiting for a long time.n
nHowever, the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčlaunching a closer coin relay satellite is not a new topic, and Jeff Garzik, a former core developer, plans to do this in the BitSat program in 2014, but since then the plan seems to be silent What new progress.n
nBlockstream has the most well-known figure in the field of Bitcoin, where Luke-jr and Greg Maxwell are also working on the technology of the encryption currency itself.n
nIn May, the company released its first lightning network deal on the cottage currency network after the Levin currency activation test (SegWit).n

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