Bitcoin since the highest price of 19000 dollar fell nearly 70%! The death of the cross? Fell to $1500

The world is really strange, continuous development of new science and technology of the signs of danger appearing everywhere, today, we have a great attention rose is bitcoin, almost the world’s rare species.

Bitcoin is is a high-tech products, one by the encrypted digital currency was born, only a few years jumped thousands of times, the peak moment of up to $19000. Let people terrified, when the price is so high, some people have to shout out the price of $30000.

This is a new thing full of charm, you can not see, can’t touch what can actually win the world with such a wonderful price. In just a few years, some people have become millionaires, for example: China bitcoin to richest man Li, he is not the creator of bitcoin, nor developers, he is just a currency speculation, a rich. Countless people envy, who have to follow the bitcoin investment, but investment bitcoin good times don’t last long, many people suffered heavy losses. Overnight, the bitcoin is a master, have suffered questioned. Now, he is still the wave of wealth nuggets, are not affected.

In fact, Li Xiaolai is the wave of wealth just stepped on the marauder, this wave of wealth train lucky star. As for how he is not so important. Because when bitcoin from a few dollars rose to $19000, for this kind of thing people’s obsession has beyond many people’s cognition, even Li Xiaolai himself to sell bitcoins is the price of a few thousand dollars, and then all the way up to the highest point of the $19000 crazy.

Digital currency as a new thing, it is crazy, it means that there is a day that falls, this world is not what is not always in the moment of glory, even high-tech. High technology is continuously iterative innovation, time will the emergence of new technology to replace the old technology. As to the ordinary fixed telephone call, and then from the ordinary telephone to the mobile phone, and then from the ordinary mobile phone intelligent mobile phone for growth. Like the traditional Internet to mobile Internet, let people experience a new era of science and technology.

As the largest bitcoin digital currency currency, attracted the attention of the world, from the beginning of its birth, but is not his price madness so attractive. It is now the price of a roller coaster let people feel scared, this week, bitcoin appeared since August the most fierce sell-off. 15 am Beijing time, bitcoin (BTC) spot prices fell below $6000, fell to near $5300.

Recall the beginning of last year, bitcoin’s market value has lost more than 60 percent compared with last year, the price of about 19000 high of $12 month fell nearly 70%. This ratio has been in a bear market pattern, of course, this magic is, what the value of what this price worth? Is still a question mark, no reply. Even the creators themselves do not know, it is worth?

Time will test everything, it depends on how you look at it, this is a death cross fell. There may be many reasons, such as the so-called hard bifurcation. All kinds of technology, so that the value of bitcoin is diluted, the legendary currency will dominate the arena. Buzz, electronic money will replace the possibility of traditional currency has become more and more.

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