Bitcoin slumped, do we have to continue to invest?

Bitcoin is a virtual currency, can be fried to thirty thousand dollars a, if bitcoin just when you buy 10, so last year when sold to earn millions of RMB, the investment money let many people lost, although our country restricted bitcoin but still will choose to buy bitcoin money.

Who would have thought this year bitcoin plummeted, now reduced from more than 20000 to ten thousand, now worth $3400, but this is not the final data, then take a look at the end of the month bitcoin will not collapse in a year plunged nearly 85% of the price, as many people hoard bitcoin losses. There is even a loss of tens of millions of days are common.

This has attracted investors controversy, some people say that this is but the stability of the bitcoin market share, after bitcoin prices will, can also continue to invest, then for collapse of bitcoin, whether we should continue to invest?

In September of 2017 when many people know bitcoin, because of China’s restrictions on bitcoin transactions, and stop all bitcoin trading platform at the end of October, bitcoin Chinese had to withdraw from the market. At present, we analyze whether to continue to invest.

The first reason bitcoin plummeted is mine tyrants of the war, the chiefs in the battle of mine tyrants have to sell bitcoin, then more and more people see more bitcoin market is not as the price of protection, but forgotten in the price of space.

Bitcoin is a virtual currency bitcoin, and in many countries, not when the currency in circulation, at the end of the 11 bit currency has dropped to $4000 this year, so it is not suitable for investment.

In the policy under the restriction of bitcoin is difficult to invest, and bitcoin executives there have been sold on the market, making a large number of bitcoin has become the main reason for the decline, and now also began selling machine.

At present, many investors began to withdraw bitcoin, that you can continue to invest?

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