Bitcoin slumped, who will buy the bill? Buffett called it “air money”

Bitcoin is said to be hot this year, in the virtual currency market, its price is too crazy! The currency bitcoin plummeted circle has collapsed Empire myth.

12 month 13 days, a slight rebound in the price of bitcoin, but today, bitcoin prices are falling in. According to Chinese fund news, the latest market, bitcoin prices have dropped to $3264. And there is a downward trend. To the end, bitcoin prices had soared to $17000, bitcoin prices even within one year of landing so large that year has fallen by more than 80%.

Early in the 2014 years, international renowned investor Warren, Buffett proposed to “stay away from bitcoin, that is an illusion.” You know, Buffett is the best investment, from Wall Street to China’s Internet companies, did not escape Buffett’s sharp eyes. While bitcoin this stuff, Buffett has been considered to be air coin.

Why can’t replace the traditional currency bitcoin?

Bitcoin had won many national endorsement, in the United States, Japan, South Korea, the three big market, appeared the unprecedented trading scene, even the aunt, students are crazy approach. However, and in just one year, bitcoin from $20000 in December 2017, fell to $4000 now, bitcoin from heaven falling into hell, investors enjoy the harvest of the leek is too horrible to look at!

Bitcoin inventor’s identity so mysterious, even with a strong human flesh search, can not find the real me.

Bitcoin inventor hidden behind the mysterious Zhuang home is!

Bitcoin market may be an institution or natural person, or even a country, he guessed the world gamblers mentality, the dual characteristics of financial integration in the casino and bitcoin, set the safety limit, can dig good genes made, can give the rich man dreams, and success challenge the traditional monetary credit, become the Internet Era of the world’s most influential third party currency!

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