Bitcoin startups Bitwage to raise $760 thousand salary

Bitcoin startups Bitwage to raise $760 thousand salary


Bitcoin pay start-up company Bitwage has completed a period of fundraising, raised a total of $760 thousand, investors including Orange telecom company, investment fund DraperAssociates and bitcoin website to raise public equity investment platform participants.

On Monday, Bitwage completed a $200 thousand financing on the website, was originally purchased by MaxKeiser shares bitcoin investment fund.

Bitcoin salary startups have been raising funds in the past few months, the participants in the process of including CloudMoneyVentures (bitcoin Uphold, venture capital sector) and Bitwage investors are also early supporters of SaeedAmidi $one billion PayPal and Dropbox. In the meantime, Bitwage joined the Silicon Valley based startup accelerator, mainly by the French Telecom Group Orange operation.

In an interview with CoinDesk, founder of Bitwage JonathanChester said the company plans to build the infrastructure for the use of the funds, with particular focus on the expansion of the European market. In addition, he also said the Bitwage team plans to improve the user experience, allowing customers to more simple integration.

He said: “we can use these funds to do now is to simplify the process.”

Those involved in the recent Bitwage financing that has practical effect, that it has the ability to promote the use of bitcoin, which is why they invest.

Keiser told CoinDesk: “I think in this case, we are not betting on horse rider.” CEO SimonDixon Bitwage said, financing efforts to attract investors to the platform of significant interest.

He said: “Bitwage will bitcoin force to pay international service, and it is one of the most popular website company.”

CloudMoneyVentures partner JulianLee commented before the company to invest, once and Bitwage have worked together and added:

“Working with Uphold, BitWage can solve some urgent problems facing the flow of multinational companies in the international capital and wages, benefits, speed will be increased at a higher level of transparency will significantly reduce the cost.”

Orange telecom company, investment fund DraperAssociates and SaeedAmidi did not immediately respond to requests for comment.

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