Bitcoin stumble endlessly, the loss of the owners decide on what path to follow?

Bitcoin is controversial from its date of birth, some people say it is the future direction of the world currency trends, some people say it is just flower briefly as the broad-leaved epiphyllum. However, in recent years the development of bitcoin is very rapid. However, recently it has appeared for the first time bitcoin fell, and unlike other investment is facing today, bitcoin is the continuing decline in momentum, has fallen below $3700 levels. It also allows bitcoin re entered the people’s vision.

In fact, in small series, and that bitcoin is a virtual currency, it is a kind of investment, a lot of people because bitcoin flourishes, because there are a lot of people go bankrupt bitcoin. It is grown in the outside voices of doubt, but this does not hinder its value, and the recent frequently fall, make a lot of bitcoin owner was scorched by the flames. According to the latest market data show that bitcoin price has fallen to $3693 each. This makes many miners began to sell their vehicle, even the news media reported that bitcoin market value has evaporated 1 trillion.

The nature of bitcoin is a digital encryption currency, of course, it is not the only representative of the encrypted digital currency, the decline in addition to bitcoin, all other encrypted digital currency have been greatly decreased the situation. But as the market share of the first bitcoin, facing the pressure is the most significant. The analysis of the main reasons for the bitcoin fell sharply, is needed in the mining process in the difficulty in rising, which means that the main ore spend more costs to get the same as before bitcoin.

In this adversity, many people have quit bitcoin investment, will buy their own machine for sale. For an ordinary machine, the purchase price can reach 20 thousand yuan, and now sell it at most $1000. So it is great for mine loss.

In the world, China virtual currency mine site occupancy rate is very great, this is mainly due to the cheap power resources such as China midwest. Although the face has been downward trend, but the third quarter of this year, the total income of all absenteeism is still as high as $4 billion 700 million, although the numbers are still huge, but compared to the investment, has been unable to map. Almost all of the small mines, from the beginning of this month has been at a loss. For the development of new things together, Xiao Bian did not want to make too many comments here, but bitcoin, Xiao Bian just want to say can think of it as an investment, but the limelight is expected to do.

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