Bitcoin suppress the impact of Bali Island’s enterprises

Bitcoin suppress the impact of Bali Island’s enterprises


Indonesia’s central bank (BankIndonesia) has issued a stern warning to the “parties”, opposes the use of virtual currency”. At present, the Bank of Indonesia has teamed up with the local police to stop bitcoin transactions, these transactions are most likely to occur in Bali Island. This popular visitors can spend the legal tender and crypto currency tourist destination, has become the target. According to Indonesian media and the country’s currency to the encryption community, accept bitcoin enterprise examination is underway.

The authorities concerned illegal transactions

On behalf of the Central Bank of Indonesia and the national police force the Jakarta authorities to investigate illegal encryption currency trading case. They have started to collect information on possible violations.

In Bali Island before the crackdown, Indonesia’s central bank announced that bitcoin is an illegal payment. Financial institutions said that Indonesia banned the use of virtual currency. The Indonesian rupiah should be used for all in need of money payment and transaction. This statement is intended to prohibit the rapid implementation of these regulations:

“We are looking for Bali Island bitcoin transactions, especially in the tourist attractions. We of the Indonesian rupiah trading measures will be adopted.”

This statement is made by the person in charge of the local branch of the BI CausaImanKarana, he called the island “for those who want to is an attractive place for illegal business people”. According to local media reports, Karana in Denpasar said the agency has warned people not to use virtual currency, “because there is no regulation of these transactions”.

The enterprise may be closed, the owner was sent to court

The island’s crypto currency soon members of the community in social media to share the news of the upcoming crackdown. About the expected by bank officials and local law enforcement inspection, also issued a warning. If bitcoin payment, they may be suspended and the owner was brought to court. According to reports, a villa close by the inspector. According to the bitcoin comments in Bali Island Facebook page, a foreigner called “mystery shopper”.

In announcing the ban bitcoin payment, Bali Island has become the focus of attention. Indonesia’s central bank spokesman AgusmanZainal said, these transactions in violation of the Law No. 7/2011 under the control of money and traded in the country.

The ban has been in a special bank regulations in PBI:19/12/PBI/2017 further details involved in the implementation of financial technology. According to the current law, any amount of Indonesia should pay their own money to the Indonesian Rupiah form.

Central bank officials also pointed out that the risk associated with bitcoin transactions, “the official pointed out that bitcoin management personnel”. Money laundering, terrorism and other criminal activities have also been added to the list of side effects everywhere.

“Before a final warning not to buy, sell or trade in virtual currencies” as early as Indonesia’s central bank, Indonesia has received a notice of these restrictions. The Bali crackdown that Jakarta means business. But the blow to the enterprise means what, only time will tell.

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