Bitcoin ten years: May 22nd why is called “bitcoin pizza day”?

A decade ago, when Lehman brothers declared bankruptcy, the global economy into recession, a new type of encryption currency called bitcoin idea is brewing. In this decade, bitcoin on the Internet by a wave of anti authority success in becoming a multibillion dollar market; at the same time it also from the programmer of a hobby became a name known to every family.

In this short ten years, after several ups and downs money ring. Some people in order to promote the development of bitcoin, willing to miss billion fortune; addict to bitcoin wealth brought into illegal at the forbidden; more people into desire to achieve financial freedom anxiety, indulging in fantasy flourishes……

These people constitute the bitcoin ten years of record, it changes the trajectory.

If I say to you today, bitcoin has brought great changes to the world, you must think I’m a verbal statement without any proof exaggeration. Well, then I will use six different stories to tell you what bitcoin is how to change the world and our life.

The first to use bitcoins to buy pizza programmers Hanes: a new point of payment

One day in May 2010, in Florida, the weather is warm and sunny, the programmer and early bitcoin miner Laszlo Hanyecz little daughter, is on tiptoe hand on the table to take the pizza. The two pizza is Hanyecz in exchange for ten thousand bitcoin.

Then, the distance bitcoin appeared less than two years in the eyes of ordinary people, it is almost not worth a hair, a bitcoin prices less than half cents, and no businesses willing to accept payment in bitcoin. Laszlo Hanyec as an early bitcoin miner, his computer every day can be dug up thousands of bitcoin, so he had an idea, “looking for a willing to follow him in bitcoin exchange food buddy on the internet.”

In May 18, 2010, Hanyecz for the first time in the BitTalk forum issued a transaction request, said he is willing to use the mining income of 10 thousand bitcoins to buy two pizzas. At the beginning of the two day, most of the people on the forum or discussion with ten thousand bitcoins for two pizzas worth or is to be sent to the Hanyecz pizza place, even with the idea of him at a price of $41 in the bitcoin market to sell these bitcoin instead of buying two pizzas.

Until after the request was issued four days before Hanyecz announced his success with bitcoin and a user called jercos two for a pizza.

2010 years 5 months on the morning of 18 12:35

Laszlo Hanyecz: “I would like to spend ten thousand bitcoins to buy two pizzas. Today I can eat one, one to leave tomorrow. You can do it yourself or the takeout orders delivery address is set to my home. My aim is to exchange for food with bitcoin.”

2010 5 18 7:01 p.m.

Ender_x: “10000 bitcoins quite a lot, you can get bitcoin market to sell, they also value $41.”

2010 5 21 9:12 p.m.

BitcoinFX: “Laszlo, I want to buy you a pizza, but I am not American, they might think I’m practical joke.”

2010 5 22 7:17 p.m.

Laszlo Hanyecz: “I just want to say, my success with 10000 bitcoins to pizza.”

Probably at that time no one thought, 8 years after bitcoin prices up to 2 million, and both the value of two million pizzas.

Faced with two hundred million missed, people interviewed Laszlo Hanyec asked him whether he regretted missing the chance of being a billionaire , Laszlo Hanyec said:

I do not regret it, because I think this behavior is great, this is a way for me to participate in the development of bitcoin. I know, if I can use bitcoin to buy food, then it is the same with the rest of the money, we can rely on bitcoin life.

In fact, the birth of bitcoin’s original intention is to become a point of the payment system. Laszlo Hanyec bitcoin exchange pizza behavior officially opened bitcoin in reality as a means of payment of the door.

Laszlo Hanyecz and jercos before the transaction occurred, did not know each other, they are just in the IRC chat room discussions about bitcoin, ID is very familiar to each other, after seeing the transaction request from the Hanyecz, live in Florida 1900 kilometers to the west coast of California near the Santa Cruz in jercos chat with Hanyecz contact.

In the bitcoin also belongs to the geek plaything in the business period, has not started accepting bitcoin payments, they deal only on the basis of consensus on. The afternoon of May 22, 2010, the first jercos in the great John ordered two pizzas to home in Hanyecz; then in the afternoon at 18:16 PM, Hanyecz to send jercos bitcoin address 10000 bitcoins.

Bitcoin for payment transactions across geographical barriers, so that both parties without the use of cash transactions like that in fixed occasions crunching; also make it without like on the web in the takeaway, payment in the process of using Alipay such third-party service providers to complete the transaction.

With the further development of the bitcoin market, now a day of bitcoin trading volume has more than 200 thousand pen, accept bitcoin payment businesses more and more. 2013, the commercial space flight company virgin the Milky Way started to accept bitcoin payments; Microsoft 2014 12 to allow users to use bitcoin recharge in Microsoft account, games, movies and apps and buy Windows and Xbox store; 2015 Foldapp allows users to get 20% in the use of bitcoin payment discount, and buy coffee Starbucks stores in 2016, Germany; domestic energy giant Enercity announced to accept bitcoin payments, residents can bitcoin pay electricity, gas, heating and water bills; 2017, 20 Japan has more than 10000 businesses began to receive bitcoin as a legal means of payment.

In August 22 5 Coin Ring, known as the “bitcoin pizza day”. Bitcoin enthusiasts use this day to commemorate the bitcoin as a new means of payment is to subvert the traditional world of payment, and step by step into daily life.

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