Bitcoin, the biggest bubble in history, some people worry about joy

Bitcoin, destined to be not worth a hair. Bitcoin is a complex password, just a bunch of numbers. Now the digital currency, there are thousands of species, are block chain technology, digital currency without limit, tens of thousands of millions, no problem. Have all appeared money at all times and in all countries together, there is no more than digital currency. Bitcoin, over all fraud in history, is by far the biggest bubble, Holland tulip, finally left a few flowers, bitcoin will only last a heap of garbage data.

What time to start bitcoin crazy, from twenty thousand for a pizza, a $twenty thousand. Bitcoin trading market is the driving force behind, is the final winner, this is the way I opened this tree that I planted, if you want to go, leave me some money.

Bitcoin trading market, the sale should receive commissions, withdrawals must receive commissions, market transaction cost is the highest, the stock market futures are immeasurably, the higher the price of bitcoin, bitcoin market to earn more. A lot of investment bitcoin mining, the bitcoin market beyond count, but very little, scanty. Want to invest in bitcoin is not difficult, want to open bitcoin trading market, in addition to the money, but also have a lot of bitcoin. The vast majority of bitcoins are in the hands of a few people, the cost can be ignored, the first to buy hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Anything, only have value circulation. Because of the currency trading market, bitcoin can circulate, bitcoin began crazy trip. Bitcoin up to $twenty thousand, if the sale of ten thousand, is $two hundred million, one hundred thousand is two billion dollars, why no one cash? Chinese several bitcoin chiefs, if cash, immediately become a billionaire. Do not want to, but can not. Bitcoin advertised to the center, or the actual heteronomy. Bitcoin seems to be in full swing, the actual participants compared to other traditional investment channels a lot less, want to make money, can only continue to push the high bit currency prices. The bitcoin market seemingly independent, real hope bitcoin prices higher. If someone to sell a lot of bitcoin cash, is tantamount to defeating, impossible. Chinese bitcoin trading market, just established, was banned, avoid huge losses.

As for the bitcoin to money laundering, to drug trafficking, to buy a house, is a groundless statement. Bitcoin had no value, but more expensive, there must be a useless, so that out of money laundering. Money laundering, drug trafficking is regardless of the cost, bitcoin climbed this sale, your right. The illegal money into legitimate money is money laundering, transfers money from one country to another, underground faster, safer, cheaper, and will use only idiotic bitcoin.

An invisible hand limit cash, bitcoin can continue to exist? Impossible。 Bitcoin dropped from $twenty thousand to $three thousand, how many people died on the beach, originally bitcoin investors less, at the expense of a group, no one was with no predecessors, away, is to continue to flicker, regardless of the cost or cash? See who start now, as long as there is a market first, bitcoin will not worth a hair. Sati without this tree, the mirror is, had no one, where the dust.

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