Bitcoin, the chips of the super rich

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Bitcoin virtual currency as a pure digital folk issue you really like? It was the first creator in the eyes of the equivalent transaction currency? The answer is negative, bitcoin is appreciation from the market has been down, it is between all transactions in currency rather than monetary barter, so bitcoin has deviated from the original purpose, more like an antique, or stock, people buy it just look up his appreciation of space, and scarcity and as a digital currency, I think it is not scarcity should have, it should have its own distribution number, rather than through the calculation method to create bitcoin mining way, its value in addition to the investment or speculation and money laundering, and did not play the role of circulation.

Crazy people hold it, just for speculation, to earn more benefits. If he really wanted a fair number of currencies, it should hold the people, rather than a few in the computer. A kind of no things actually value higher than gold, this abnormal phenomenon is clearly behind in the promotion, make it shouldn’t have some value, and then complete the transaction not to be divulged. If these people really think bitcoin value, why not finished trading, direct holding. In fact, they just put it as a tool for cash. What is not real money in his hand and more practical, both in dollars or RMB, as long as it lay in his account, is a figure that is real money, not clutching three hundred thousand bitcoin that does not feel at ease.

Playing bitcoin game player knows that this virtual digital currency maybe there is the beginning of the value of money, but also have normal ratio, but with rising speculation, bitcoin has now turned into a pile of foam, the foam what time broken, also is the time estimation problem. It may disappear in the world, no mention of the so-called block chain, or return to the normal value, become a real digital currency. The game player in his hand still waiting for rising value, but finally pass the parcel to you, this is the last stop. Don’t know the last disk access man who will not play, but as long as the capital, estimated life also does not have what meaning.

Bao Wei believes that no matter how the Internet developed, block chain can make much progress in the future, even if the human to change the way of life, the real economy is the cornerstone of social progress, not the real economy, virtual all have what meaning, we have no factories, no land to grow crops, can rely on network virtual life to eat and drink, warm? So there is no real economic support, virtual industry of any Internet can’t live. Play the game between now bitcoin is rich, the end of the game time is their own set, generally small game player if not timely close hand, great chance to become cannon fodder.

If in the first time, the hands of the bitcoin miners did not sell to get now, like to spend two dollars to buy a lottery, then in the five million prize, this rate of return, you say he is a digital currency, the future people will take it to trade barter, you believe? Anyway, I won’t believe it.

Bitcoin, not the national wealth, more like the super rich issue its own currency of the game, I say it has the value it has value, that day I said it was not worth a hair it, will become a waste.

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