Bitcoin, there is nothing new under the sun

This week, the capital market is not calm, mostly is passed to the negative emotions, European stock markets, crude oil, etc. digital currency fell trend. This is mainly about so tall on the topic? No, simply talk about “down to earth”.

On the “down to earth”, when the number of digital currency bitcoin fame, is well-known.

Bitcoin (BitCoin) was first put forward by Nakamoto in 2009, is a form of digital currency P2P. Bitcoin is a virtual currency, but it has two advantages, cryptography design can make bitcoin can only be transferred or paid real owners based on the total quantity is limited, with strong scarcity.

Bitcoin network by mining to generate a new bitcoin. The so-called “mining”, we can simply solve complex mathematical problems for the use of the computer, to get bitcoin co.. The early years as a new things hot, Enthone capital uncle I saw the CCTV a bitcoin program reported that the presence of bitcoin. In the program, the reporter interviewed is mainly domestic “mining”, they generally buy high priced supercomputers for mining, in their view, bitcoin prospects, so I feel a little American 18-19 century gold rush gold digging.

The next thing I believe we all know, who also didn’t think bitcoin will have been soaring flying self, by the end of 2017, bitcoin prices even topped $20 thousand, was terrified. Especially in recent years, bitcoin is a fiery words, exaggeration to say that everyone is opening bitcoin, become a staple at leisure choice. There is an unwritten law arena, when things become a famous, word of mouth when there is risk of approaching the day.

There is nothing new under the sun. According to online data show that last week the mainstream digital currency tumbled, so far this year, most encryption currency fell over 70%, over the past week, bitcoin fell over 20%, compared to 12 at the end of the month peak last year, bitcoin has fell over 77%. With bitcoin prices fell, not only blood “miners” speculators, groups can only stop off, otherwise will only dig more money into embarrassment.

I say no new thing, because we know that this bubble too much. A textbook of tulip story, we’re close to some tea leaves, all kinds of stone…… as long as it is set “scarcity” and “cost price” and other words, the operation of its own hype, the price will be able to heaven.

When the tide receded, we only know who swim in the nude. In fact, the reason that everyone understands that these new things can circle money so the temptation to be missed? Only blame human rebellion, heaven forgive anyone.

The only thing we can do, is to understand the history, to summarize the experience of life, after all, there is nothing new under the sun.

More good, as in the Enthone capital LCS, little attention.

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