Bitcoin trading platform aimed at the Greek market, bitcoin will usher in opportunities?

Bitcoin trading platform aimed at the Greek market, bitcoin will usher in opportunities?
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With the Greek bank door was shut with a “crash”, the Greek people turned to anger online trading platform to seek the solution of digital money, see bitcoin is more reliable than the euro.


The world’s largest bitcoin exchange told the CNN they have seen on the basis of the Greek business has increased significantly.


According to CEO ofer? (Olive Flaskaemper) CISCO amber Foley said, compared with the usual, now the people of Greece in the above the amount of registration Surge 10 times. The third Bitstamp’s trading platform bitcoin trading volume soared 79% (the world average trading volume from 10 weeks to calculate). Even Chinese trading platform of hope “The market is getting more and more interest. Lakebtc is headquartered in Shanghai, see the website from the Greek visitors increased by 40%.


On the weekend, received Poland trading platform Bitcurex From the Greek people The A lot of mail. They are the questions:


“In the EU, bitcoin is a legitimate currency?”


“I can think of Bitcurex as a bank account?”


“You have a bitcoin platform in Greece network The ATM?”


Bitcurex began to sell directly to the people of Greece on its website: “registered Bitcurex now, free for 3 months of trading in Bitcurex. And the Greek people The absolute free oh!”


For those who can answer your question, yes, bitcoin is legal in europe. Bitcoin wallet can also be used as a bank account.


If you really do not understand bitcoin, then you put it that electronic cash to look good. You can use it through the intelligent mobile phone or computer operation.


But this is not the hardest part. The first problem is how to get bitcoin, bitcoin is very difficult to obtain. In Greece only a bitcoin ATM, is located in ya A bookstore in the dictionary. Bitcoin acquisition method is the most commonly used to buy bitcoin in an online trading platform. This requires from the bank to send a telegraphic transfer, but unfortunately, Greek banks have The closed.


But it is not entirely impossible. Trading platform said some Greeks can still try to get bitcoins, because they can still access the online bank. At the same time, Lakebtc said the Greeks also tried to find a local Lakebtc user, to see if they are willing to sell some bitcoin.


Even if bitcoin solves the problem, but there are still second problems? Greece not many places are available bitcoin. According to Bitcoinmaps, in Athens to accept than Bitcoin payment only five or six places, including a pub called Angel restaurant, a head and neck surgeon and a yacht rental company.


From last year’s CNNMoney documentary, rely entirely on bitcoin to life is a very difficult thing, even in the modern metropolis technology developed in New York. However, the current Greek experience is indeed a key opportunity for bitcoin. This may be it is time to shine. But to remind you to keep still. Bitcurex’s speech Philip? (Filip Godecki) high Durge said that the Greeks would immediately abandon the euro, turn into the embrace of the bitcoin idea is unrealistic.

“I’m not so sure the Greeks began to buy bitcoins from this Wednesday, but I think they thought indeed because some things (such as bank failures) and changed. Greece People will begin to realize the legal tender may not be a safe storage means so.”


In terms of bitcoin, the biggest drawback is its huge volatility. In 2012 November, a bitcoin value of $11, a year after soaring to $1100. This Monday bitcoin transaction price For $253.


High Durge said bitcoin volatility should not be let the Greek people abandon reason bitcoin or worry that electronic money is not real money.

“You can’t stop the pace of bitcoin, in fact, it is the money in the bank more believable.”

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