Bitcoin trading platform BitX ICE3x into Nigeria, ushered in the competition

Bitcoin trading platform BitX ICE3x into Nigeria, ushered in the competition

BitX Nigeria announced to open bitcoin transaction services, the people of Nigeria can enjoy the company’s wallet service, trading platform and API services.

Six months ago BitX announced the opening of Indonesia bitcoin trading service. BitX CEO Marcus (Marcus Swanepoel)? Siwaniboer said he in Nigeria

Very confident of sub business activities, because of Nigeria’s economic and commercial activities have become increasingly prosperous, Nigeria will become a big market for the company’s business growth.

Sevani Pohl said:

“Nigeria area consumers, developers and enterprises are looking forward to our products and services bitcoin. Especially the Nigeria businessmen are very interested in our. Now we are

In cooperation with some of Nigeria merchants, bitcoin products and services into the market in Nigeria.”

In April 2013, Nigeria overtook South Africa has become the largest economy in Africa, GDP of $509 billion 900 million, while South Africa’s GDP is $350 billion 600 million. Although the overall increase

Long is huge, but the average to 170 million people in Nigeria’s body, it is not worth mentioning.

The use of a factor hindering the development of bitcoin in the country is still not universal intelligent mobile phone, mobile operator GSM Association estimated that only 10% to 15% of the opening of mobile business.

Previously, ICE3x bitcoin trading platform in South Africa has entered the Nigeria market, Nigeria ICE3x offers consumers and Wright currency bitcoin digital currency exchange service.


BitX Is a global currency bitcoin platform, providing products and services, bitcoin wallet, bitcoin exchange and emerging market bitcoin businesses and users, developers and other services together.

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